System user audits from Border

System user audits from Border

Border Merchant Systems is offering full system user audits to ensure clients are maximising the potential of their CounterAct software.

The audits take place at the customers’ site, usually at the workstations of the user. The user demonstrates the processes they undertake, both within the system and outside of it. The audit is then used to establish what processes the customer uses and if they are best utilising their system.

After each audit Border provides the company with a written report, offering suggestions for improvement and highlighting the benefits of any changes. Whilst onsite, immediate recommendations are also given to the users, which are further clarified in the subsequent report. Users are offered system changes with an introduction or training to areas of the software they may not be using to their maximum potential. All aspects are considered, including hardware, software or third party enhancements, which can improve how users are using their systems, and help them achieve more efficient ways to run their business.

Nick Thompson, Project Manager at Border commented: “The audit enables users throughout the business to engage with Border and see any benefits they may be missing in the system. The audit is a relaxed and friendly approach to understanding where improvements can be made. As the audit takes place at the user workstation, it is within their working environment so it doesn’t feel like they are being tested. There is a small charge for each audit but if a user books training on the back of the audit the audit charge is deducted from the cost of training. We believe, that by reviewing systems and usage every 2-3 years, the benefits of improved communication, better utilisation of the software, the training and subsequent implementation of new processes and practices will be an invaluable investment for our clients”.

One customer to benefit from a recent audit is James Millar, Managing Director of AC Leigh: “We have used CounterAct for many years. We found the audit a very useful exercise to undertake as it uncovered many different processes we can now implement that will make our business processes run more effectively and efficiently.”

For further information or to book an audit, contact the Support Department at Border Merchant Systems

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