Södra Wood completes investment in Långasjö sawmill

Södra Wood completes investment in Långasjö sawmill

The investment from Södra Wood of SEK 100 million in Långasjö has now been completed. The investment means that a totally new saw line will be in operation as of November, with production at the facility set to increase by almost 30 per cent next year.

The investment will increase the sawmill’s production capacity from 280,000m³ to 360,000m³, corresponding to 15 more logging trucks per day. To achieve this goal, the old small-diameter timber saw line has been replaced by a new profiling circular saw line, which means that sawing will be carried out with a circular blade instead of a band blade.

“The new saw will create a more efficient flow with higher precision. This will enable an even higher yield from the forest raw material in a shorter period of time,” said Magnus Algotsson, Mill Manager, Södra Wood Långasjö.

The facility produces panelling and cross beams, but also painted products, and demand in this product category has grown every year since 2013. Deliveries are mainly made to the Netherlands and Sweden, two markets where pressure on construction timber is high.

“The high demand for Swedish construction timber is very positive. More and more people are seeing the advantages of using timber as a construction material, utilising wood’s ability to absorb CO₂ as both a raw material in the forest and as a finished product benefits all of society,” added Magnus.

In addition to the new saw line, a new stacker, wood dryer and timber warehouse of 8,000m² have been built. The investment will create 25 new jobs at Långasjö.

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