Contactless Delivery with Intact iQ

Contactless Delivery with Intact iQ

As social distancing became part of our daily lives and the business world raced to adapt to the new changes, merchants and distributors are among those that face extraordinary new challenges. At Blue Rock Systems our experienced team work closely with our customers, helping businesses to operate smoothly and efficiently. Our customer base has a diverse range of forward-thinking businesses who are testing the limits of every software tool available to them, which places us in a unique position to offer our advice and experience to best meet the new limitations on trading.

As businesses have taken the tentative steps towards a new normal over the last year, it has forced many companies to evaluate their internal processes. Modern technology advances quickly and benefits those who adopt it through all kinds of unexpected challenges. When our customers voiced their concerns over protecting both employees and customers in the workplace, we were well placed to offer a solution.

Contactless delivery is not a new concept in other areas of business. Online orders and socially distanced collections or drop offs became a more regular occurrence almost overnight at the beginning of the pandemic. However for essential businesses that are committed to continue serving their customers as best as possible, the ability to make contactless deliveries has become invaluable; it not only encourages adherence to social distancing guidelines, but proactively keeps businesses open and keeps both staff and the public safe.

The Intact App enables our customers to use a mobile application (that runs on iOS or Android smart devices) which links directly with the customer back office iQ system. The benefits of this stretch beyond delivery (it also includes Sales, Management, Purchasing and Warehouse) but in the current trading climate the contact delivery feature has proved extremely popular.

The App can be used live or offline even when 4G or Wireless is not available. It includes easy-to-use functionality including lists views, the ability to process quotes/orders and crucially, image and signature capture. The App helps your team go mobile and provides them with access to key business information 24/7, including stock levels, outstanding invoices and more all fed from the back office system.

The ability to publish and capture data using smartphones has proven critically important for businesses and who are adapting to this new way of working. While there is so much going on that cannot be controlled, there are teams of people all over the world looking for solutions to smaller problems. Our customers have reacted and adapted using the modern technology available to them and, despite the circumstances, they are continuing to thrive and serve their communities.

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