BMF introduces updated Diploma in Merchant Management

BMF introduces updated Diploma in Merchant Management

The BMF has announced it has introduced its recently improved, second generation Diploma in Merchant Management, designed to help merchants develop the talent they already have. The BMF explains.

Since its introduction in 2013, the BMF Diploma in Merchanting has become one of the most popular courses for recently appointed or aspiring managers within our industry.  Now it is set to be even better.

Over 320 candidates have successfully completed the original Diploma, developing skills that have helped them progress in their careers and benefit their employers’ business. But even great courses can be improved and we are delighted to announce the launch of our new look, second generation BMF Diploma in Merchant Management.

Like the first generation programme, the updated course is specifically designed to help merchants develop the talent they already have within their business. It not only exposes students to modern managerial thinking and attitudes, but also enables them to share ideas directly and learn from the experiences of colleagues within the industry — equipping them with the skills required to better manage their own branch or area of business.

It has been designed from the ground up to be relevant to managers and supervisors working in the builders’ merchant industry today. The course covers a range of practical tasks including self-management, managing others, managing processes and managing change. Students will not only learn key managerial skills, but also how to apply them in their day to day working life.

Whilst some of the content has been updated, the principal changes relate to delivery of the course, which is designed to be far more flexible and learner centred.

To start with there, is a shorter timeframe to completion which means the whole programme can be completed within 18 months rather than the two years plus of the previous course. However, it also enables learners to take a mid-point break, allowing them to reinforce their knowledge and skills through work practice, due to the new Diploma’s tiered structure.

Part A can either be taken on its own leading to a Certificate in Merchant Management, or as a preliminary to Part B which then leads to the full Diploma. This format also provides flexibility for those with varying degrees of experience. Part A is ideal as an entry into merchanting for aspiring managers or those with little prior experience whilst Part B could be completed on its own by more experienced managers.

The old format of having just one contact day to discuss each set subject proved overly rigid and restrictive, however the new approach gives tutors the flexibility to shape the programme as they go in order to meet the specific needs of individual tutorial or in-company student groups. The key knowledge-based elements of the course are covered using distance learning materials and written assessments, with skills and behaviours developed and assessed during contact days with tutors.

The overall Diploma in Merchant Management programme is designed to prepare students for the rigors of managing a merchant business. Those who successfully complete it will have identified both their individual strengths and areas for personal development and growth. Above all, they will have the confidence to be better managers.

To find out more about the new BMF Diploma in Merchant Management or any aspect of BMF training, contact or on 02456 854980.

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