Drainage & Water Management Products – April 2021

Drainage & Water Management Products – April 2021

Polypipe Building Products

Sewerage Sector Guidance white paper 

Polypipe has produced a white paper outlining how the new Ofwat approved guidance on the planning, design and construction of foul and surface water drainage systems can be implemented by architects, designers, developers and contractors, and offering support for merchants in addressing the needs of their customers.

Entitled Code for Adoption Sector Agreements, the concise paper examines the Ofwat approved Sewerage Sector Guidance (SSG), introduced in April 2020, and the two key changes that will impact how foul and surface water drainage systems are designed, specified and installed.

Firstly, the SSG clarifies the standards to which all  materials must comply in order to be considered adoptable, making it clear that all sewerage companies must adopt systems that include plastic pipes and fittings which are to the prescribed standards. Secondly, the guidance enables Sustainable Drainage Systems (SuDS) to be considered part of the adoptable infrastructure for the first time.

This guidance greatly increases the options available when sourcing and installing below ground drainage systems on any significant development.

The Polypipe-produced document has been written by technical experts that have worked closely with industry bodies developing the new guidance and offers clear advice and support in relation to the adoption of sewerage assets.

To request and to download a free copy of the document, go to: https://www.polypipe.com/code-adoption-sector-agreements

Drainage & Water Management Products - April 2021

Safeguard Europe

Designing in flood resilience and resistance

With the now almost annual flood warnings, Safeguard Europe is addressing the fundamentals of flood protection with its Designing for Flood Resilience and Resistance guidance. With more than 40 years’ experience in damp-proofing and waterproofing technology, the firm has developed several flood management systems which illustrate the various mechanisms by which flood water can enter a property and how to stop it, as well as detailing the internal and external remedial works necessary for habitable reinstatement should the worst happen.

Selecting the correct approach is categorised into three flood systems that employ these strategies, or a mixture of each, to anticipate every flood scenario. Within this approach, the company highlights products such as its Dryzone Damp-Resistant Plaster, its Dryrod Damp-proofing Rods and Drybase Liquid-Applied DPM.

In addition, Stormdry Masonry Protection Cream and Stormdry FD-Coat can help to limit the amount of water seeping through the walls whilst speeding up the drying time after a flood. Drybase Tanking Slurry, meanwhile, can be applied up to 0.6m to stop flood water getting into the premises and is said to be particularly suitable where low-level flooding is expected.

Providing flood repairable options, the guide also considers the Dryzone Express Replastering system and Dryshield Cream which is a breathable salt and mould-resistant and water-repellent cream that goes on the walls to aid the drying out process while plasterboards are installed horizontally.

To download Safeguard Europe’s guide to flood resistance and resilience, visit www.safeguardeurope.com/applications/flooding


Durapipe PVC fittings

Aliaxis has announced a series of design changes across a number of its Durapipe PVC-U metric fittings, which have been developed to further enhance performance. The new product designs have been implemented on the elbows, sockets and equal tees (25mm to 225mm) of its PVC-U range which now benefit from an increased wall thickness in several critical areas to offer much greater reinforcement and increased levels of durability whilst new alignment indicators help to make the installation process easier.

In making these updates, the critical dimensions remain unaffected with all pre-existing installation guidance and product information staying the same.

For more information on Aliaxis and its Durapipe PVC product range, head to www.aliaxis.co.uk/durapipepvc

British Plastics Federation Pipes Group

Post-Brexit Market Update

Reflecting on the current situation for the UK plastic pipes and fittings industry, post-Brexit, Caroline Ayres of the BPF Pipes Group said: “Our industry is continuing to supply its markets without any interruptions, whilst our members continue to operate within Covid-19 guidelines to ensure safe and secure delivery of plastic pipes and fittings to customers.”

With Britain now having left the EU, BPF Pipes Group manufacturers remain committed to continuing to supply quality products to the same high standards. These incorporate third party approved products to British European Standards (BS ENs) where applicable, standards which users and specifiers are familiar with and which provide reassurance that the products are always fit for purpose.

Additionally, the BSI’s membership of CEN and CENELEC is continuing beyond the EU exit transition period. It will enable the UK’s continued influence over standards produced in both CEN and CENELEC, providing additional certainty and stability to stakeholders.

For more information, use www.bpfpipesgroup.com

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