Essential fastening solutions with Kyocera-Senco UK

Essential fastening solutions with Kyocera-Senco UK

PBM speaks with Stephen Warren, Sales and Operations Manager at Kyocera-Senco UK, to discuss the firm’s reinvigorated drive to provide essential fastening solutions for its trade and merchant customers.

Well-recognised in the world of fastening technology, Senco lays claim to an excellent reputation for ‘do the job’ tools that the trade can rely on. DuraSpin auto-feed screwdrivers, cordless gas nailers, air nailers and staplers and low-noise compressors form just a part of an extensive portfolio that is intended to help make on-site jobs “quicker, easier and more profitable”.

Under dynamic Japanese-based Kyocera Corporation ownership, the firm’s UK Sales and Operations Manager Stephen Warren tells PBM that the brand is set for an even brighter future — and he says that means good news for merchants too.

Stephen explained: “Whilst we have always enjoyed a solid reputation for both product and service, we are now in the very fortunate position to be able to truly capitalise on our extensive expertise thanks to Kyocera Corporation investment. There is very much a sense that the Senco brand in the UK is re-awakening.

“There has been a cultural shift too with a strong ‘think big, be brave, be bold’ attitude now running throughout the entire company. This has created a step-change for us giving a growing sense of confidence — the result of which has been many positive changes already and more on the way.”

Investing in the future

Stephen continued: “Our vision is to create a dynamic, streamlined and efficient organisation where our customers are at the heart of everything we do. Of course, this requires an all-encompassing company-wide approach. This is only the start, but we have both the resource and determination to succeed.’

A combination of attitude and investment has already seen a drive forward towards that goal. Operationally, Senco’s internal departments are said to “communicate with ease”, meaning that all processes, from admin to sales, are now more effective whilst the company’s stock control regime has been streamlined ensuring product availability. Customers, both old and new, “enjoy good pricing on product” and the company asserts it is working hard to increase its visibility to them with a stronger presence in both traditional media as well as the digital arena, including more social media activity.

Investment has reportedly been increased in research and development too, allowing Senco to respond to market demand with products such as its brand new F35XP Fusion Cordless 1st Fix Nailer. Utilising Senco’s Fusion technology, the F35XP is powered by an efficient brushless motor and a self-contained compressed air cylinder, which does away with hoses, compressors or fuel cells. Framing nails are “driven completely into even the hardest substrates”, including engineered timbers, to deliver what is described as “the ultimate in cordless convenience for its demanding customers working on site”.

Testing times

Of course, Senco’s optimism is punctuated by forces affecting every single organisation today. The ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, coupled with the fallout from Brexit, has created unparalleled uncertainty and an absolute need to do things differently to safeguard both lives and businesses. Although extremely challenging, Stephen argues that Senco’s ‘hands on’ approach has helped smooth the way.

He said: “Supply issues and increased raw material and freight costs when exporting to the UK have been experienced by most, if not all, companies and have been well-documented. However, despite these difficult trading conditions, we have systems in place to ensure we still keep our customers supplied.

“Hopefully, we can begin to see the light at the end of the tunnel regarding the pandemic, however, we are not complacent. No-one knows for sure what’s going to happen next or for how long this situation will continue.”

He continued: “As such, Senco’s careful and cautious approach, combined with our agile nature, will help us respond to further demands that may arise because of the pandemic. Many sectors have been hit hard, notably hotel & leisure and the travel industry, which have suffered devastating losses of both jobs and businesses but whilst trading has been difficult, the construction industry has fared better — and that’s a trend that looks likely to continue.

“The pandemic has demonstrated just how fast a situation can change, but it has also provided several key learnings. It has taught us that we can work differently, more efficiently and more cost/time effective. It has proved that a robust business continuity plan is essential, into which resilience and flexibility must be built to allow us to act quickly when unexpected and unforeseen events arise.

“Finally, without a doubt, it has shown that good, clear and timely communication is critical — with our staff, suppliers and our customers.”

Despite of the difficulties everyone continues to face, the changes at Senco are said to be creating welcome opportunities for its merchant customers. Stephen explained: “We are out there, supporting our merchant customers whenever they need us. Our highly experienced field sales team will be available for face-to-face visits once regulations allow it and, in the meantime, our knowledgeable remotely-based customer service department pro-actively supports merchants via the ‘phone, ensuring they have product when they need it.

“To further support our merchants, we have a variety of impactful point-of-sale material and signage for trade counters, such as free-standing units designed to fit easily into premises and maximise the available space.

“We are also investing in our UK marketing operation to include trade advertising, a greater digital exposure for the brand across all relevant platforms and increased PR activity, all aimed at supporting the Senco brand within the market to create awareness and demand from the end user.”

Looking to the future, Stephen concluded by saying: “As we move forward, hopefully through these difficult times, with its great product range, experienced team and ‘can do’ attitude Senco is perfectly placed to partner with merchants who are serious about fixings. We are optimistic of a great future ahead.”

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