Gardens & Landscaping Products – April 2021

Gardens & Landscaping Products – April 2021

Composite Prime


Sustainable composite decking and cladding firm, Composite Prime, has launched a new cleaning spray that treats and removes grease and stubborn oily stains from uncapped decking products. Easy to use, Abzorbit’s formula works to remove marks from both composite and traditional timber decking products in residential and commercial settings.

The aerosol spray is described as a suitable solution for high traffic areas which are prone to spillages and stains, including hospitality venues and outdoor eateries, whilst it can also be used for post construction cleaning.

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Long Rake Spar

Tuscan Sunrise

With online searches for buff, gold and white decorative aggregates on the rise, Long Rake Spar is confident that its new Tuscan Sunrise 14-20mm gravel will make a positive impact on the market. Described as a harder-wearing alternative to the popular Cotswold product, Tuscan Sunrise blends shades of gold, white, buff and peach angular chippings and is said to be ideal for use on driveways, paths and in borders.

Furthermore, its inherent light reflective qualities and natural sparkle in the sunlight are intended to ensure it is the perfect aggregate to brighten up dark and shady areas of a garden.

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Royd Tool Group

Optimaxx Stainless Steel Decking Screws

Quality decking installations not only demand that weather-resistant materials are used but also the right fixing, and as decking season swings into action again, Optimaxx has expanded its line of wood screws with the release of its latest Stainless Steel Decking Screws.

Designed to work on composite, hardwood and treated timber decking, the screws are said to feature a range of excellent application benefits including serrations on the lower thread to enable quick and safe fastening along with a non-threaded shank to allow two materials to be pulled tightly together while the upper thread locks the deck board securely.

With a cylindrical head designed for fixing into the groove of the deck board and ensuring a secure fit, the rust-resistant screws are made from A2-304 stainless steel. With an arrow shaped point, the screws provide a fast start without predrilling whilst minimising the risk of splintering.

The screws are available in 200-piece tubs and are available to stockists with the option of floor standing cardboard POS displays which are able to hold both the Optimaxx Decking Screw tubs and the new Stainless Steel Decking screw tubs, with point-of-sale artwork printed to suit.

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AIR range

Emissions, exhaust fumes and fossil fuel combustions render our living, working and leisure spaces a major health risk, with the World Health Organisation attributing air pollution as playing a part in approximately 7 million deaths each year.

Mature trees are typically in the front ranks of this fight, with their foliage absorbing and purifying air. However, the new AIR range of air-purifying, self-cleaning artificial grass from is said to replicate the benefits to such an extent that one average lawn could contend with over 1 kilogram of nitrogen oxide per year, neutralising the equivalent of a car engine’s emissions running 20 kilometres a day for a whole year.

Andy Driver, the firm’s Sales and Marketing Director, said: “We are really excited to be launching our eco-friendly AIR range. For our products to be able to play their part in purifying air quality, it is quite remarkable. It is going to be of particular benefit in major cities across the UK where pollution is a significant issue, and a cleaner solution is needed.

“Not only can our products be recycled at the end of their life, but they will also now be continuously contributing to a better environment throughout their lifecycle.”

In addition to its air-purifying qualities, the “ground-breaking” AIR technology in the material’s treatment prior to supply and installation is also said to “put an end to lingering odours from pets and any threat of mould, moss or algae”.

The range is available in two varieties to suit aspect, purpose, finish and the desired end result. Clarity AIR is described as a soft touch 30mm lawn with natural multi-green tones whilst Active AIR is a “rich green, deep 32mm grass, ideal for the busy family garden”.

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