Jewson’s OSB-inspired branch design

Jewson’s OSB-inspired branch design

In recent years, a growing number of high street retailers have chosen to utilise the rugged aesthetic of OSB to create durable and stylish display units and sales counters. A similar idea has been put in place by a Jewson branch in south east London to merchandise the material ‘in use’ and showcase its versatility, as PBM reports. 

The Charlton branch of Jewson has created a new branch design concept that makes strong use of the SterlingOSB Zero product from Norbord. The builders’ merchant has created a number of new signs and displays within the store, reflecting the firm’s idea of using a material that was part of its existing product range to deliver “a new aesthetic in keeping with the look and feel of the branch”.

SterlingOSB Zero has been used for a variety of product displays in the depot, whilst the ‘signage band’ that features on the walls of the trade and showroom area serves to highlight the merchant’s wider product range and is said to “pull the whole scheme together.”

Michael Fitzpatrick, Project Construction Manager at Jewson’s parent company Saint-Gobain, said: “SterlingOSB Zero was easy to use and it was also cost-effective compared to other materials on the market. My contractor fitted it on my behalf and it went up quickly without an issue.

“We are now looking at using SterlingOSB Zero to create similar designs at some of Jewson’s other sites.”

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