Marketing Support: Back in business

Marketing Support: Back in business

Under the easing restrictions, many merchant KBB showrooms are now back in business and open for the return of calling customers. After more than a year of tumult, Wilsonart’s Sales Leader Nick Jones shares five practical tips for stockists from laminate worksurface brand, Bushboard.

1: Review your collections
Many showrooms have been open for just four months out of the last twelve. A year is a long time in the design world and new trends have started to emerge so speak to your suppliers about trends, ask for look books and make sure you have the latest decors.

In worktops, for example, the result of people living, working and cooking at home non-stop for 12 months is an increasing trend for surfaces that replicate natural materials from the outside as a way of creating a sense of disconnection from our busy lifestyles.

With the kitchen becoming a multi-purpose space, broken-plan designs are on the rise and both contrasting and complementing worktop designs will be used to help separate different zones of the kitchen. However, the kitchen needs to seamlessly blend into the rest of the living décor, so 22mm square-edged worktops will become increasingly popular to help achieve this sense of continuity.

And ensure you have these offerings on display. If you need further support on which trend-led surfaces will catch consumers’ attention, Bushboard’s business support team have a trend guide to help you find the right choice.

2: Market yourself
Now that stores are open again, the competition is back on. How are you staying fresh, unique and innovative? Is your website and social media up to date? Presence is key, and with Bushboard’s Resource Centre, printed materials and lifestyle imagery for every range is available for download and use across your websites, social and email.

3: Make it Covid safe
Whilst it might seem obvious, ensuring a really positive and safe visit for your customers will really enhance their shopping experience. Retailers that are seen to be going above and beyond can really make all the difference when it comes to selling.

Make the most of hands-free digital brochures — these can be downloaded from the Bushboard Resource Centre and added to your website, and made available via a tablet or phone.

4: Embrace the virtual appointment system
Some customers just don’t feel ready to come back into stores just yet. If you’ve been running virtual appointments, keep maintaining this service. It’s a great option for streamlining those initial customer visits as you may be able to fit two to three online in the same time as one prospective client would take in store.

Offering both options ensures that everyone still feels valued and wanted as a customer and that no one is excluded.

5: Up to date displays
Whilst the sector has been closed, many brands have been working hard on revitalising their displays, POS and marketing support so that it’s in top condition for retailers when they reopen. Brands like Bushboard offers a range of POS including stands, signage and brochures so ensure you are communicating with your supplier partners to see what support and resources are available.

For example, if you stock both Bushboard’s Omega and Options collections you can take advantage of a full-sized display worktop for your showroom completely free of charge.

For more information on the Bushboard product range and its marketing support for merchants, go to:

This article can be found in the July/ August 2021 issue of PBM.

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