Marketing support from Dunlop

Marketing support from Dunlop

As part of the launch of Dunlop’s new range of ‘Most Wanted’ powdered tile adhesives, the manufacturer has introduced a selection of point of sale items to create an impact — regardless of the size, format or number of SKUs that are held in branch.

Dunlop’s new range of powdered tile adhesives is described as “significantly streamlined”, with only the product SKUs “most wanted” by customers to ensure all jobs are covered alongside an easier selection process. For merchants, this means more shelf-space for popular lines, while providing additional space for new technology in the range — such as its new S1 adhesives for larger tiles and difficult backgrounds.

To support the launch, merchants can pick and mix from a choice of Point of Sale (free of charge to all Dunlop Stockists). The supplier says there are are plenty of options to choose from, whether merchants are looking for high-impact large format banners and floor stickers to a more subtle approach to help ensure that customers are selecting the right products for their tiling projects.

The POS has been designed to be high-impact and, focusing on the ‘Most Wanted’ theme, it ties together a national campaign that Dunlop hopes will be instantly recognisable by customers. Depending on the size, space, and format of the branch, merchants can select from:

  • A1/A2 posters
  • Pallet wraps
  • Floor vinyl graphics
  • Stockist banners
  • Aisle end bus stops
  • Shelf wobblers/barkers
  • DL end user selection guide and leaflets

As part of the launch of Dunlop’s new range of ‘Most Wanted’ powdered tile adhesives, the manufacturer has introduced a selection of point of sale items.

Boosting branch staff awareness

Dunlop has also produced an A4 guide for branch staff to ensure they are able to advise customers about the new range. This describes the full product information and benefits of the new range, old products names and their new alternatives, as well as an introduction to the new product technology and full visuals of the POS and Literature available.

While customers at builders’ merchants may not be working on tiling jobs regularly, they still face the same problems as professional tilers. New literature has been produced to support them, as Marketing Manager Kathryn Hyde explains: “We understand that customers don’t need to be an expert on everything tiling, but they can be an expert on that specific job by the time they leave the branch, as well as having the right product on the van to do it.

“In addition to the powder adhesive-specific DL leaflet we have produced, we have also updated the full Dunlop product guide which features a fold out selection guide, enabling tradesmen to quickly and easily identify which products they could choose for their background, area and tile type.”

 Further support is available from the company’s expanded team of Area Sales Managers. Debi Boulton, Head of Sales, said: “We made a significant investment in our sales team last year, increasing it from five to 12. This means that we cover more areas of the country, providing a greater level of support to our merchant customers.

“They are on hand to offer advice and assistance with merchandising the new range, providing bespoke solutions for a merchant’s particular client base whilst also making sure only the right products for the branch are stocked at any one time to ensure fast moving stock profiles.”

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