Marketing Support – January 2021

Marketing Support – January 2021

Lights, camera, action!

Keystone Lintels is making its builders’ merchant partners “an offer they can’t refuse” in a movie-themed campaign designed to boost turnover through a programme of support designed to turn live project leads into sales.

The supplier says its message to merchant partners is simple — “let Keystone do all the hard work and we can grow together”. The new initiative sees its salesforce follow up on leads provided by merchant customers and once they are ready to be converted into an order, it is passed back to the relevant merchant, resulting in a direct sale for them.

The lead generation partnership message will be communicated to merchant partners in an “eye-catching and tongue-in-cheek” movie-themed campaign that takes inspiration from iconic films such as Jaws, Top Gun and Toy Story. Key movie lines have been adapted to help reinforce the message and keep the concept fresh in customers’ minds.

Executions will include posters to be displayed in branches and a series of movie trailers communicated across digital platforms.

Sales Director David Grace said: “Keystone has always valued our partnership with builders’ merchants and has a proud 30 year history of unwavering support to our merchant partners. Merchants are our eyes and ears on the ground but with a vast amount of other products to sell, we try to take away the workload of chasing these jobs down to ensure we are successfully securing orders together.

“We are simply saying ‘let us do the job for you’. Keystone’s team will chase all leads that are new to us and the merchant, to create a schedule/quote and work to convert that schedule to an order!”

In addition to the new support package, the Keystone team will continue to support merchants with joint builder visits, trade days, POS and marketing support and product training, both in person and online.

For more information on the new Keystone Lintels campaign, go to:

Partnership plans

Made in Britain, the CT1 sealant and adhesive — known as ‘The Snag List Eliminator’ — is now also available to the trade via the member branches of The IPG.

The award-winning CT1 was the first to introduce Hybrid Polymers to the market 18 years ago in a move that was said to have “broken the mould in the field of sealants and adhesives, introducing technology that left competitor sealants lagging way behind”. Replacing mastic, wood-, PU adhesives, silicone, sanitary and butyl rubber sealants in just one product, CT1 can even be used under water.

The brand has maintained a commitment to research and, understanding the needs of the building industry, recognised that hybrid technology was now dated. Following four years of development and testing, CT1 has now provided the industry with TRIBRID. CT1 TRIBRID is now three times stronger and also offers longer colour retention, anti-mould and anti-bacteria properties, with 350% elongation.

Already available in many independent and national merchants across the UK, CT1 is now on sale via branches of The IPG members.

In addition to the new technology and new merchant partners, CT1 is available with a host of POS and merchandising support, including the display units pictured.

To view more information on the new CT1 TRIBRID, click here:

A version of this article originally appeared in PBM’s January edition. Please click here to read the full issue online.

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