Mira launches first ever bath range

Mira launches first ever bath range

Mira Showers says that it has entered “unchartered waters” with the launch of its first bath range. PBM takes a look at the details.

One of the country’s most well-known showering brands, Mira has taken the decision to broaden its portfolio with the launch of the premium Mira Flight bath range. The new product is described as offering superior strength and has been “ergonomically designed to provide ultimate comfort while seamlessly fitting into the modern bathroom”.

Based on “the same engineering rigour” as the company’s shower trays that bear the same name, the new bath utilises patented BioCote technology which reduces mould growth and allows for optimum hygiene. This antibacterial treatment incorporates “anti-microbial silver ion technology directly into the Mira Flight bath… reducing microbes by up to 99.9% and protecting the surface for the lifetime of the product, complementing cleaning products to provide additional protection 24 hours a day.”

A removable gel cushion and solid oak bench have been incorporated to ensure “maximum relaxation” whilst the soft radius design, complete with a circular chrome overflow cover and white acrylic panels, are said to bring “effortless style that’s easy to clean”. In addition, the bath allows up to 38cm water depth — reportedly 4.5cm over and above standard acrylic baths.

The product’s polyconcrete core and robust square ‘trellis’ design frame have been designed to minimise flexing or deforming, allowing the new product to withstand up to a 490kg load and providing additional peace of mind when it comes to durability. Manufactured in the UK, the range is also entirely self-supporting meaning no wooden reinforcements are necessary and the supplier states that it can be “quickly and easily installed”.

The Mira Flight bath comes in three drop sizes and one freestanding option whilst all products in the bath range come with a 10-year guarantee.

Speaking of the rationale behind new launch, Roland Beal, the company’s Head of Industrial design, said: “The bathing market is under pressure from walk-in showering solutions in the UK, but many people still enjoy a long soak and the calming time a good bath can provide. Many showers are installed over baths in the UK and it made sense to investigate bathing options to improve both the ‘in-bath’ showering experience and see what we could offer in a bath application.

“A joint venture with the bathing specialists inside the Kohler group (Mira’s parent company) identified some key requirements in bath use and design that the Flight technology, harnessed in trays, was ideal to solve.”

He continued: “Whilst looking at how to deliver an acrylic bath that didn’t flex, felt robust underfoot and had a leading design, we found a natural engineering solution in our Hull factory that worked with our international designs to deliver a comfortable and strong bath.”

In terms of the communication strategy with stockists relating to the launch, Roland said: “We are initially launching in the E-comms channel so all the information will be available online in digital formats and we will be talking to our key merchant customers in the new year. Adding the Flight bath allows installers and consumers to buy a complete bath corner solution, including bath, bath taps or overflow filler and shower solution, as well as the showering corner solutions that Mira is renowned for.”

For more information on the Mira Flight bath, visit www.mirashowers.co.uk.

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