Perry discusses new Tenz wood screw

Perry discusses new Tenz wood screw

Launched to the UK market last autumn, A. Perry states that the innovative thread technology behind the new Tenz wood screw will offer a host of benefits to trade users. PBM reports.

Laying claim to being the UK’s largest independent ironmongery manufacturer, A. Perry is confident that its latest innovation is set to “significantly shake up the wood screw market”. With its patented ‘Stairs Thread Technology’, Tenz from Perry has been in development for over a year.

In an exclusive agreement with Tenz, this technology made its debut to the UK market with a raft of awards and accreditations to its name already, including the prestigious ‘Red Dot’ award in recognition of its high quality design technology.

Steve Perry, Head of Marketing at A. Perry, said: “This is a huge coup for us and we know it is going to be a market leading product. Developed for projects demanding the highest of standards, the key point of difference from conventional wood screws is the revolutionary new thread design.

“Tenz reduces the friction along the thread, making work more efficient. The wood fibres are gently displaced and not drilled or milled which uses less energy force thanks to the oscillating screw.”

Suitable for use on both hard and soft wood, Tenz is said to offer an unrivalled grip, fixing and overall drive performance ability. Reduced energy needs means that capacity is used as efficiently as possible, and it is claimed that this will even extend the tool life when using a battery powered drill. Indeed, reduced energy levels of up to 50% and low screwing torque mean more screws can be fixed which maximises the battery life of cordless screwdrivers when compared to traditional screws.

With the screw, no pre-drilling is required, effectively cutting out an entire work step. In addition to the energy savings gained through no drilling and no milling, the displacement of the wood fibres by the Stairs Thread Technology also means the screw is designed to optimally bond with the wood ensuring a long-lasting, highly secure fixing.

The new technology is even said to afford certain health benefits to the user as it requires minimal physical effort and less pressure to install when screwing the wood than conventional screws to deliver maximum output — something the company claims will come as welcome relief to professionals and DIYers, as fatigue is reduced and the strain on joints is minimised.

A. Perry even states that, with arthritis a common ailment to those in construction, Tenz could have a positive impact on those individuals who suffer. Steve Perry adds: “Arthritis can be an invisible condition, as sufferers often continue with DIY tasks or professional work, despite the pain this causes. This new Tenz screw will make a big difference to the lives of those affected.”

The product comes in eco-friendly plastic-free packaging whilst a selection of point of sale and display units are available for stockists.

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