PHPI Campaign News – July 2019

PHPI Campaign News – July 2019

We take a look at some of the ad campaigns being seen by over 70,000 plumbing and heating installers in the latest issue of PHPI.

L550c Multifunction wall scanner
With a product looking as if it is scanning the ad it is displayed upon, Zircon showcases its L550c Multifunction wall scanner. Using coloured beams to highlight the product’s capabilities, it details how it can detect metal, studs and live wiring all from one device.

The product’s bright yellow casing appears to be radiating from the page surrounded by a yellow glow, as it suspends in mid-air and takes centre stage in this advert from Zircon.

The Electric Heating Company
Boiler solutions
Providing ample details for those viewing this ad, EHC showcases its diverse range which can be used in a multitude of settings. Pinpointing three products — the Fusion Comet, the SlimJim and the Comet Combi — which can be used in different applications, it helps deliver that message further and also provides examples of what its products look like.

With solutions for “almost any situation” — from small domestic properties to large commercial buildings — domestic single phase boilers are available from 4kW to 14.4kW whilst commercial 3 phase boilers are available in 24kW and 36kW outputs. EHC also offers various bespoke boiler pack options.

Accessory range
Known for its wall panels, Fibo has now introduced an accessory range to make installation for its customers easier. This ad showcases that range which includes wipes, seal, adhesive, sealing tools and finishing spray.

On a backdrop of its wall panels, the array of blue tones is in keeping with the Fibo colours, as the purpose and benefits of each accessory are clearly displayed. It also uses this opportunity to shout about its new brochure, which appears to be coming out of the ad in a 3D image.

Therma V
LG’s advert showcases the latest addition to its Therma V air to water R32 heat pump range, the low temperature split system. Employing natural imagery, it mirrors the functionality of this system which relies on the elements to operate.

It also highlights its smart capabilities, allowing it to be controlled from anywhere, as well as its energy saving benefits which are further depicted by the green leaved arrow which provides the backdrop.

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