Plumbing & Heating products – PBM December 2020

Plumbing & Heating products – PBM December 2020


Electric Water Heating in rental properties

UK landlords are legally responsible for ensuring their tenants have adequate hot water at all times. As a result, any water heater needs to be robust and reliable, while also complying with the latest energy efficiency legislation. Accordingly, Ariston has a range of energy efficient products designed with landlords, HMOs and rental properties in mind.

For example, Ariston’s Velis Evo Wi-Fi, boasts fast reheat times and utilises slim twin tank technology for optimum performance. With a choice of 45 or 80-litre models available, units offer up to 16% more hot water availability compared to an equivalent capacity standard electric water heater.

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K3 Radiators

The heating system sector is said to have seen increased demand for larger radiators to accommodate the increasing number of low temperature heating systems being installed across the country. For instance, a K3 radiator is simply one which comes with three sets of panels and three sets of fins to ensure additional heat is emitted, and is only a little larger than a K2.

Stelrad has been offering its Compact K3 radiator range for several years but the increase in demand for K3s has seen the firm launch new versions of its popular Elite, Compact with Style and Planar series, now available in 40 sizes.

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Vogue (UK)

Multi-rail Towel Warmers

Vogue is offering a range of multi-rail heating solutions to create a dedicated place to warm, dry and even store towels, as well as reduce laundry costs for a more efficient, sustainable lifestyle

Sales Director Steve Birch said: “We understand that expressing your personal style is also vital when heating your home, which is why we offer a comprehensive range of classic and modern designs to raise both the style factor and comfort level of your bathroom.”

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Plumbing & Heating products – PBM December 2020RWC

Reliance Valves

Blending elements from across its group portfolio, RWC has launched its first ever Reliance Valves range featuring push-fit connections from JG Speedfit. The valves that are now available with push-fit connections include the Easifit Thermostatic Mixing Valve (TMV) – 15mm; the 312 Compact Pressure Reducing Valve (PRV) – 15mm and 22mm; the Nickel-Plated Ball Valve – 15mm and 22mm, and the Automatic Air Vent – 15mm.

The Easifit TMV, for instance, blends hot and cold water to a safe and comfortable temperature. This valve is compliant with both TMV2 and TMV3 schemes and benefits from its small size, which simplifies installations in tight spaces.

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Express Inhibitor Test

With a pass or fail result shown in just 10 seconds, The Fernox Express Inhibitor Test is a dip-test that is designed to make annual testing of central heating systems — a core requirement under BS 7593:2019 and the Benchmark Commissioning Checklist — easier and quicker. This means that time on site is kept to a minimum and installer productivity is maximised.

By comparing the test strip to the colour chart label on the bottle, installers can assess whether the system water includes the correct concentration of inhibitor. A fully protected system will have inhibitor levels of 100ppm or above — and will therefore pass the test.

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