Products & Services – Jan 2021

Products & Services – Jan 2021


Adjusta boundary box

Designed to house the meter at the boundary between the water main and the domestic supply, the new Aliaxis Adjusta boundary box adds to the company’s water portfolio as part of a total system solution for water companies, developers and contractors.

Compliant with WIS 4-37-01 and BS5834-2, the Adjusta boundary boxes are manufactured with an adjustable lid, enabling contractors to alter the height and pitch in accordance with the on-site conditions. With a fully load-bearing screw thread functionality as opposed to a telescopic height adjuster, the adjustable lid is said to offer a stronger, more robust hold.

Norton Clipper

Performance tier

Norton Clipper has expanded its diamond blade offering with the addition of its latest performance tier. The new ‘Standard’ tier is a more minimal range, designed for contractors and DIYers working on smaller jobs and to a budget with the new tiered blades available in three application sectors — Standard Ceramic, Standard Universal and Standard Beton.

To help stockists quickly and easily advise the correct tool for a customer’s project, blade blotters have been enlarged to clearly display images of the correct material and application type, whilst the packaging is colour coded to help identify which materials it can be used for.

Snickers Workwear

Work Gloves

New work gloves from Snickers Workwear offer high ‘cut protection’ plus wind and waterproof styles. According to the supplier, the ergonomic designs ensure strong, secure grips while sophisticated patterns, vents and ribs combined with durable materials combine comfort and protection.

As well as providing ventilation and waterproofing, insulation and wind protection, the gloves have a feature which allow for mobile phone use. For specialist use where health and safety standards are key requirements, the ProtecWork Gloves are EN certified for performance and protection in hazardous environments.


Aures Slim Multi

The Aures Slim Multi instantaneous electric water heater from Ariston is said to offer an alternative to electric storage water heaters, as it requires no time at all to heat up.

Capable of producing hot water to serve multiple taps and showers, the Aures Slim Multi is a wall-mounted unit perfectly suited to applications such as kitchens and bathrooms. It also has an ‘A’ class ErP energy rating, making it the most efficient method of providing water at the point of use.



6000K units

Suitable for high-level security illumination in commercial, retail and domestic environments, Knightsbridge has bolstered its outdoor lighting range with a trio of LED floodlights in 6000K Daylight. The three floodlights come in 100W, 150W and 200W, and 9200, 14100, and 18400 lumens respectively.

These floodlights have die-cast aluminium casings, feature high output reflectors and are IP rated to IP65, which means they are not only dust protected, but can also withstand low pressure water jets (from a 6.3mm nozzle) from any direction. They also offer instant ignition, making them suitable for use with LED-compatible external sensors.


DS40 Descaler and Cleaner

Fernox has made some changes to its system cleaner, designed to be effective on limescale deposition. Re-branded as DS40 Descaler and Cleaner, this citric acidic cleaner is now available with a 500ml liquid System Neutraliser for simpler and safer dosing.

DS40 Descaler and Cleaner works to rapidly remove limescale, black sludge and other debris from central heating systems. It is suitable for use when powerflushing, a recommended cleaning method under BS 7593:2019, and can also be used to descale heat exchangers or boiler components separately.



Said to offer the industry a versatile product with value in mind that balances cost and quality factors, SP045 multi adhesive is suitable for everyday interiors where a quick and strong bond is required.

Combining strength and flexibility in an easy and controlled application, the product is said to offer a good initial tack while the adhesive is curing. SP045 can also be used as an assembly aid for heavyweight fixing.

Vogue (UK)


Designed with comfort and efficiency in mind, the Electric Underfloor Heating Kit by Vogue (UK) works by gently warming a network of electric heating cables with the radiant heat then warming up furniture and people in the space, rather than using convection to cause warm air currents.

An electrical system designed with cables fixed to a mat, it can be installed directly onto the tile adhesive.



The latest addition to Makita’s LXT range, the cordless Twin 18V DCE090 Brushless Disc Cutter is suitable for dry and wet cutting and features a powerful 36V brushless motor with a no-load speed of 6,600rpm and maximum cutting capacity of 88mm.

Powered by two 18V LXT Lithium-ion batteries and with a fully loaded weight of just 6.3kg, the disc cutter is easy to manoeuvre and includes a rubberised ergonomic, soft grip for further user comfort. For wet cutting, the tool can be connected to a water supply kit for effective dust suppression, whilst the plastic battery cover protects the batteries from water contact.


Pro Series Gooseneck Wrecking Bar

Distributed in the UK by Rollins & Sons, Estwing has been manufacturing tools since 1923. The Estwing Pro Series Gooseneck Wrecking Bar is designed with an angled head for prying and a wider slotted end with nail puller to remove imbedded nails with ease.

The wrecking bar is made from one piece American steel and is available in 24″ (600mm) and 36″ (900mm) lengths.


Ultimate Liquid Grab

HB42’s Ultimate Liquid Grab is a trade-strength adhesive for use on a wide range of materials. Suitable for all vertical and full surface bonding applications, the product can be used when bonding shower wall panels, splash backs and cladding tiles whilst it is also appropriate for bonding tile on tile and stainless steel. 

Solvent, water, isocyanate and phthalate free, HB42 Ultimate Liquid Grab is available in 5kg tubs and is sachet sealed for a longer shelf life.

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