Products & Services– PBM December 2020

Products & Services– PBM December 2020


Builder’s Tea Box

Offering a solution to the “problem of broken cups, missing kettle-bases and the lost spoon”, the Builder’s Tea Box is said to be a one-stop-shop for tradespeople on the go with inventor and former electrician Dan Anderson saying: “The Builder’s Tea Box has finally put an end to the hassle and lets us get on with our work.”

The kit can be thrown into the back of the van without fear and weighs just 2kg. Included in the box is CE compliant cordless kettle with automatic switch, two enamel cups, two enamel containers, a stainless-steel spoon and a hard-wearing carry case and shoulder strap for ease of use.


Dulux Trade

Scuffshield Matt

Incorporating scuff resistance technology, Dulux Trade has developed its “most technologically-advanced anti-scuff formulation yet” with new Scuffshield Matt. The product is designed to reduce the impact of plastic and rubber materials on the paint surface, protecting walls against scuff marks from everyday items like shoes and bags.

Karen Wilkinson, Dulux Trade Marketing Lead, said: “Scuffshield Matt makes the maintenance of a building or busy home much easier, less costly, and more environmentally friendly, as you have to utilise less product and less labour to manage it on an ongoing basis.”


Lafarge Cement

High Performance and Instant Concrete products

Three new cement products have been added to the Lafarge Cement portfolio. The High Performance and Instant Concrete products, for example, are both ready to use with no mixing required and are available in 20kg bags. In terms of application, the 40N strength High Performance Concrete is suitable for forming the base for domestic garages and driveways whilst the 15N strength Instant Concrete is said to be ideal for garden sheds, greenhouses and domestic footpaths and steps that require quick setting.

Finally, Premium Cement is a 42,5N cement made from a higher specification material, specially designed for applications that require extra strength.



CJ36DA and CJ36DB cordless Jigsaws

HiKOKI Power Tools has extended its Multi Volt range with the new CJ36DA and CJ36DB cordless jigsaws. Depending on the application, users can choose between the CJ36DA with top handle and the CJ36DB with barrel handle.

Thanks to the AUTO Mode function, the two jigsaws start with a reduced number of strokes and then accelerate automatically, ensuring better control when positioning the saw blade and thus precise cutting results. The electronic constant speed control of the brushless motor ensures consistent speeds and thus maximum cutting speed even under heavy load, whilst an LED makes the cutting line easier to see.

Products & Services– PBM December 2020




The new PAXTower with folding base comes in two build methods and delivers several new features whilst also being “fully compliant with the latest safety regulations” with a sturdy design, in accordance with the latest EN1004 specification, to ensure safe working at height.

Merchants have the option to stock any combination of the base packs and additional packs to extend the tower to the heights required. While on display, the packs fold to save space and come in specially designed packaging to make them instantly recognisable.



Ultimate Waterproofer

This waterproof membrane is highly elastic, self-levelling, non-brittle, and has gap filling properties suitable for all kinds of repairs and seals both internally and externally. Available in trade-sized 6kg tubs, it is ready to use, easily applied, fast curing and immediately waterproof. It can also be applied in dry or damp conditions and on damp surfaces too, making it ideal for repairs where leaks or seals have ruptured.

The waterproofer is odourless, has low emissions and features an anti-slip membrane. Durable and UV resistant, it contains no silicone, isocyanates or bitumen and is Phthalate free.


Bond it

Seal It Accelerator

To compliment the recently launched Seal It Liquid Membrane, Bond It has introduced an additional element to the system to combat the onset of the winter months. Seal It Accelerator is a gel-like additive, that when mixed with the Seal It Liquid Membrane, accelerates the curing process.

This allows for installations to be carried out at temperatures below 5°C and permits work to be performed down to minus 20°C. The gel is simply added into the membrane and mixed using a heavy-duty mixing paddle on a slow speed, prior to roof application.


Snickers Workwear 

Sustainable Merino Wool Clothing

Your customers can stay warm or cool in Snickers Workwear’s All-Natural Merino Wool mid- and base-layer clothes. Available in the collection is short and long sleeve T-shirts as well as leggings and topwear that combine wool warmth with body-mapping designs for base- and mid-layer protection in really cold conditions.

Merino wool is extremely soft, and naturally odour-preventive for an all-day fresh feel. It is also temperature-regulating and repels water and dirt particles.


Lecico Bathrooms

Designer Series

Lecico has added to its Designer Series of design-led contemporary bathroom solutions with a range of countertop washbasins. These include options with and without a tap deck, and come in round and square variants. Each tap-deck washbasin comes with a subtle rim surrounding the deck to aid in the prevention of water spillages, allowing for use in busier environments such as public washrooms.

The new vessel washbasin models without tap decks are designed to be the centrepiece of the bathroom or washroom and can be paired with tall basin mixers or wall mounted basin mixers.



With its patented Tenz Stairs Thread Technology, the Tenz From Perry wood screw has been in development for over a year. The product is said to offer “an unrivalled grip, fixing and overall drive performance ability” whilst low screwing torque and reduced energy needs mean that capacity is used as efficiently as possible — and can even extend the tool life when using a battery powered drill.


Makita UK

Third Generation of Accessories

Makita has added to its range of accessories with a new collection that includes belts, braces, pouches, holders, bags, cases, gear and equipment, offering users the durability and reliability needed for everyday use.

With over 40 products in the range, the company states it has a solution to suit every task with the pouches and holsters available in a range of designs, depending on the end use. Each has the benefit of Anti-Slip Technology, which is used on all friction points and pocket edges, to tightly grip tools, stopping them from sliding around and keeping them securely in place to help prevent accidental falls.

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