Special Report: Birkdale’s steel fence post solutions

Special Report: Birkdale’s steel fence post solutions

Merchants continue to play a pivotal role for trade professionals who need the most up to date product advice and recommendations. Antony Reed, DuraPost Product Manager at Birkdale, outlines the latest generation of steel fence post solutions and how they can benefit both merchants and their customers.

Over the last few decades, the scope of fencing solutions on the market had not changed a great deal, with limited options available to those using fencing products day in, day out. Timber or concrete solutions were always the trade’s go to when looking to install a fencing system. That is, until the recent evolution of steel fencing solutions, which offer a genuine and reliable alternative.

Despite their long-term adoption, concrete and timber fencing solutions have always had certain drawbacks. While attractive, timber is known to rot and warp over time so timber fencing systems require regular treatment and maintenance during their lifespan. On the other hand, concrete fence posts can deliver more robust, long-term performance, but they can also be far more difficult to store, transport and install on account of their size and weight.

Unlike these traditional methods, galvanised steel fence post systems provide a durable and maintenance-free solution, which will not rot, warp, chip or require additional treatment over its lifespan. These stylish, durable fence post systems are also capable of dealing with high windspeeds, with our own DuraPost by Birkdale tested to withstand winds of up to 110mph. As such, for merchants, this reliable solution can be recommended without the fear of returns or complaints and is underpinned by a comprehensive warranty of up to 25 years.

When compared to concrete and timber fence posts, galvanised steel solutions are also more compact with a small flush profile, providing a far greater strength to weight ratio. As a result, these products do not only offer greater aesthetic value, but enable simple and safe transportation on and off site.

For installers, it also reduces the time and effort needed to install systems and can help to significantly reduce labour costs. However, this reduction in weight is not only beneficial for those fitting the solutions as from a merchant perspective, more compact solutions can help to ease in-branch capacity concerns, particularly in branches where space is at a premium.

Furthermore, such solutions can make delivery and collection processes far easier, as due to their light weight, more products can fit into the back of a vehicle at one time. Finally, the reduced weight of the solution also makes it safer for merchant staff to handle in-store.

By recommending products like DuraPost, merchants are able to provide customers with a modern solution that is built to last with no upkeep or maintenance. Instead, they combine the strength of concrete, the longevity of steel and visual appeal of timber in one lightweight system. Ideal for design-centric garden projects, the solution is available in a choice of powder coated colours to provide additional corrosion protection and shrink wrapped to prevent damage during storage and transit.

Especially as we move into the busy summer months, merchants who can communicate these benefits to their customers can really take advantage of new product lines as we hit peak season for fencing.

Fencing installers are often well versed in traditional approaches and the products available but may not be aware of new, modern solutions that can provide real performance benefits. Steel fence post solutions offer major benefits for those installing them, while also helping those in the merchant sector to ease ongoing storage issues and ensure the safety of their staff members.

For further information on DuraPost by Birkdale or to request a sample pack, go to: www.birkdalesales.com/durapost-trade

As the company looks ahead to its 40th anniversary in 2022, Birkdale has announced a branding refresh across its product ranges. By identifying its series of sub-brands as ‘By Birkdale,’ the company feels it will be able to more clearly present its comprehensive suite of fencing solutions to the market.

Founded as a family-run fencing contractor in 1982, Birkdale has since evolved into a manufacturer and supplier of gate and fencing accessories, and has launched several tailored fencing sub-brands — GATEMATE, FENCEMATE, SITEMATE and DuraPost — to offer a family of product ranges for contractors. Each brand will retain its current logo that the trade has come to recognise, however this will now be supported by the new ‘By Birkdale’ strapline.

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