explores the popularity of natural aesthetic explores the popularity of natural aesthetic

With a long, hot summer enabling the British public to make the most of ‘outdoor living’, the popularity of landscaping choices featuring a natural aesthetic has continued unabated. tells PBM how its Naturals collection meets the trend.

When looking to create patios with character, says that the “pure and eternal beauty of natural materials has won the field of outdoor living over the past few years”. Apart from their aesthetically-pleasing and versatile character, natural designs inspired by wood and natural stone provide an “unmatchable warmth and endless charm” for outdoor spaces.

Part of the company’s Naturals collection of outdoor porcelain, OCS Mint Fossil features a sandstone look that is “nicely characterised with visible fossils” to immediately lend a warm and natural feel to private spaces. These sandstone-inspired tiles are described as being equally as beautiful as the real thing in appearance, but are said to require less maintenance whilst also facilitating a fast and easy installation.

The supplier states that OCS Mint Fossil tiles provide a practical and aesthetic solution for outdoor flooring requirements, with high standards in quality and durability which — when combined with their lack of porosity — will ensure they “remain unaffected by wear and tear over time and will also withstand humidity and temperature changes tremendously well”. Its statement continues: “As the tiles will retain their beautiful beige, light shade colours, customers will be able to enjoy their terrace or patio for many years to come.”

For many years, consumers tended to opt for square tiles of 60 x 60cm, traditionally installed in a standard laying pattern. However, suggests that times are changing with garden designers and installers increasingly looking towards “a playful combination” of laying patterns, forms, formats and even color shades in order to create a variety of different looks such as natural, vintage or even ‘bohemian chic’.

With its nine different designs per pack, the OCS Mint Fossil is said to guarantee a natural variation in colour, look and feel. Available in patio packs, three sizes in a pack are also described as “perfectly matching the trend of creating special laying methods”.

More than shades of grey

Whilst traditional, grey shades have dominated choice for exterior use, many people are now increasingly choosing brighter, beige tones and even colours that reflect a more Mediterranean aesthetic. Charlotte Verschueren, Sales Manager for, explains: “With The OCS Mint Fossil, we perfectly match this trend. But also other designs within the OCS collections respond to this demand — for example, the Travertino, the Mint Cream, the Cappuccino Beige and Latte. Visit to discover the entire OCS range which consists of more than 22 designs, available in a wide range of formats.”

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