Top 20 Merchant Countdown – PBM needs your support

Top 20 Merchant Countdown – PBM needs your support

PBM is currently compiling statistics for the magazine’s annual Top 20 merchant countdown, based on the turnover figures of the sector’s largest businesses and set to appear in the January 2018 edition of the magazine. To ensure that our statistics are as up-to-date as possible — thereby enabling us to present a truly accurate benchmark for the industry — we are contacting a number of merchant firms to request information.

All we require are answers to a handful of questions relating to projected turnover for the year (the full calendar year of 2017), number of branches, membership of any buying group / industry organisation, etc. All told, our survey should take no more than a few minutes to complete and all information returned will be treated with the utmost sensitivity.

Our countdown makes for one of PBM’s most popular features, providing a clear reference point for development and change in the sector. To ensure its accuracy, we need YOUR support.

If your business should be included, if you have not been contacted before or simply think this may be the year your firm breaks into the merchant sector’s Top 20, please contact PBM via email

PBM presents the UK’s largest merchant firms by 2016 turnover


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