Universal e-learning with the BMF

Universal e-learning with the BMF

Reflecting the impact of the coronavirus crisis, the big winners in our changing world will undoubtedly include all things digital — from online trading to online learning. Here, the BMF discusses a major overhaul to its BMF Campus e-learning platform. 

We have all had to learn new processes and procedures in our working environment during this year, some of which may well continue as common practice once the pandemic is finally behind us. Of course, online learning is not a new concept and — launched back in 2012 — BMF Campus has a proven track record for high quality, cost-effective product and technical training and personal skills development.

Yet while the content has constantly developed to meet market needs over the past eight years, the BMF Campus user platform has remained the same.

However, the site has now been completely redesigned and relaunched as a fully responsive e-learning platform that has the flexibility to meet the varying requirements of all merchant members.  This is very much in line with the BMF’s Project Excellence strategy designed to identify different merchant member types and create training and service packages to match their specific needs.

The next generation BMF Campus platform went live in October, and the first tranche of existing users have already migrated to the new site. All users will be live on the new site by March next year.

Behind the new purple colourway branding, users will now enjoy a vastly improved online experience with content easily accessible across mobile devices as well as work PCs. Many other changes lie beneath the surface of the powerful custom learning platform — designed by the BMF’s Campus partner, Cortexa — to enable every merchant to effectively build their own BMF Campus subscription.

There are three Tier subscription levels, all of which enable access to the BMF Building Block programmes encompassing four key training areas with a wide range of courses. These cover product and technical training, soft skills such as customer service, plus H&S and cyber security as well as core IT skills. Subscribers can build their own learning bundles by mixing and matching course sets to deliver the content they require.

All three Tier levels allow local managers to take full control. They can enrol their staff onto BMF Campus, add new starters and allocate specific programmes to individuals.

The Tier 1 subscription is generally best suited to smaller merchants, with up to 50 learners, who require only a single hierarchy point to manage all users and monitor their progress.

Tier 2 provides a more granular experience and the facility to manage a network or branches and departments to better organise and manage learners in different areas. Tier 2 subscribers can also add their own branding and visual themes, and create their own courses directly into the system using a range of assets including video and quizzes. They can also track and manage compliance with automated certification and recertification management to send reminders to learners to undertake retraining where appropriate.

Lastly, Tier 3 is aimed at those with a strong in-house HR or learning development team, who require the system’s fully-featured capacity to build their own courses, run webinars and create and manage custom learning pathways for different user groups.

To find out more about the all-new BMF Campus, get in touch with your BMF Regional Manager or contact Jonathan Griffiths at Cortexa via Jonathan.griffiths@cortexa.co.uk

A version of this article originally appeared in PBM’s December edition. Please click here to read the full issue online.

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