Grant UK is now supplying ‘packaged heating solutions’

Grant UK is now supplying ‘packaged heating solutions’

Increasingly, suppliers are recognising that merchants require more than the delivery of ‘boxes on shelves’ with additional support initiatives to facilitate better service throughout the supply chain. Paul Wakefield, Managing Director of Grant UK, explains how the firm is helping merchants and their customers by supplying ‘packaged heating solutions’.

Over the past twelve months, Grant UK has launched a series of products and solutions designed to make the merchant’s life easier. This has included expanding our product portfolio and increasing our external Sales Team coverage in addition to launching a dedicated ‘Design and Specification Team’ who are on hand to assist with quotations and designs.

Installers can submit a design request into the office either via their local Grant UK Sales Manager or via the online design submissions form, available on the Professionals section of Grant UK’s website. Upon receipt of a request, the Design and Specification Team will then provide the installer with a quotation which clearly lists all the part codes and quantities required for the installation.

The installer then simply needs to take the quotation to their local merchant to proceed with the order.

Upon receipt of the order, Grant UK will arrange for the products, such as an Uflex or Uflex MINI underfloor heating system, to be delivered direct to the merchant branch. Furthermore, the company can deliver orders ‘in fixes’ with the underfloor components delivered first and the remaining products, such as a Grant Aerona³ R32 heat pump, to follow.

In addition, when line drawings are required as well, these can be supplied upon request, with the full drawings being issued electronically to the customer. As a consequence, installers and their merchants can turn to Grant UK for all their heating needs, delivering designs, quotations and the product supply of complete home heating packages.

Outlining some of the steps in the installation of the Uflex MINI ‘wet’ underfloor heating system, starting with the pipe being clipped into place.

Heating solutions

The range of heating solutions from Grant UK includes oil fired boilers, renewable heating solutions, underfloor heating and additional heat emitting products such as the new Afinia Aluminium Radiators. Available in horizontal and vertical options, Afinia radiators combine functionality with aesthetics to be an ideal partner for both traditional and renewable heating systems.

Afinia Aluminium Radiators are compatible with all of Grant’s products including Vortex oil-fired boilers as well as the latest Aerona³ R32 air source heat pumps. With excellent thermal conductivity and low water content, the Afinia sectional radiators are very effective and responsive emitters of heat.

Light in weight and manageable to install by a single engineer, these aluminum radiators provide merchants and their customers with yet another option when it comes to delivering heating solutions to end-users.

The heat source, such as an Aerona³ R32 air source heat pump, being connected to the system.

Underfloor heating, meanwhile, is becoming increasingly popular with more homeowners asking their installers to fit such systems into their homes. Earlier this year, Grant UK launched its wet underfloor heating range comprising of two systems — Uflex and Uflex MINI.

Designed to partner effectively with renewable technologies in particular, this underfloor heating solution complements and works alongside Grant’s existing product ranges. Both systems are highly effective, easy to install and use the same manifolds.

The heat pump and Uflex MINI underfloor heating installation is complete.

Grant’s Uflex MINI underfloor heating system has a number of features which make it an attractive option for both householders and installers. It has a very low profile, only raising the finished floor level by 15mm, which allows the underfloor heating installation to be completed without requiring significant changes to a room’s structure.  

Utilising self-adhesive plastic panels, the Uflex MINI system can be installed by a single operative as the pipework loops simply clip into place, eliminating the need for staples. A real advantage is that this system does not require overboarding, unlike other retrofit systems, so the final floor finish can be laid directly on top of the dry screed. Uflex MINI is therefore incredibly quick to install enabling the introduction of heat into the system within days, rather than weeks as is commonly the case with screeded systems.


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