Bricks, Blocks & Hard Landscaping products – May 2019

Bricks, Blocks & Hard Landscaping products – May 2019

Celcon Foundation Blocks
Jones Homes is using H+H’s Celcon Foundation Blocks in a development of 40 homes in Phase One of construction at the former location of a local college in Horwich, Bolton. The blocks were said to be of particular benefit for the site at Rivington Grange, as Jones Homes designs each of its developments with a 150mm cavity, which requires a durable foundation block.

Matthews & Leigh, the main groundworks contractor, chose to specify H+H Celcon Foundation Blocks (340 by 215 mm) in 3.6N strength for the two storey homes and 7.2N strength for the three storey homes. The BBA certified blocks are fully load-bearing and capable of supporting buildings up to three storeys tall. Additional benefits are said to include improved thermal performance which exceeds current UK Building Regulations, superior resistance to sulfate attack and protection from fire and frost.

For outdoor areas such as patios, garages, walkways and balconies, Setcrete has launched Exterior — a water-mix floor levelling compound. When set and cured, Exterior is said to be unaffected by rain or frost. Used to smooth and level rough, worn or mechanically-damaged concrete or sand/cement screeds, Exterior is particularly suited for preparing surfaces prior to the installation of artificial grass and over patio areas before laying porcelain tiles.

Due to its moisture tolerant properties, it can be used internally over damp, uneven concrete and sand/cement screeds prior to the application of Setcrete Rapid Set DPM. It is suitable for use in light to medium duty applications and is ‘walk on hard’ from two hours after application.

Vertica Double Sided Block
In response to growing demand within the housing sector for a double-sided product that lends itself well to machine installation, AG has launched a structural retaining wall block. The Vertica Double Sided Block (DSB) is said to be ideal for finishing walls, parapet walls and small barrier extensions as well as stop end blocks.

Developed as a solution to avoid unsightly finishes on parapets and walls, the block’s double face adds a clean finish to walling without the need to add railing, slab walling or a double course. The blocks can also be used to build single course, low gravity walls, making it suitable for divider walls in commercial and large scale residential schemes.

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