Drainage & Water Management products – October 2019

Drainage & Water Management products – October 2019

Marsh Industries

Septic tank conversion unit

The new UNI:GEM STAR is a CE approved septic tank conversion unit which exceeds EN12566-3 / EN12566-6 standards and conforms to 2020 General Binding Rules. The unit can be installed behind any existing septic tank and treats septic tank discharge to an effluent quality of BOD 12.25 : TSS 16 : Ammonia 14.845 (the UK Forward is less than 20:30:20), meaning final effluent can be discharged safely to a river, ditch or watercourse.

The new unit is said to bring a host of benefits to septic tank owners whose existing tanks must be replaced or upgraded by 1 January 2020, including:

  • Converting a polluting septic tank into a fully functioning sewage treatment plant.
  • Providing a space-saving solution for sites and where minimal disruption to surrounding obstructions is required.
  • Cost-saving installation, as well as health, safety and environmental benefits.
  • Tested and proven to be suitable for all ground conditions, all year round.
  • Low maintenance and running costs.



Premier Tech Aqua

Ecoflo Coco Filter

With almost a century of expertise in tank manufacturing, Premier Tech Aqua (PTA) UK is an industry leader in packaged water and wastewater solutions. In light of increasing environmental pressures and regulatory changes — such as binding 2020 regulations informing the transition to an era where the direct discharge from a septic tank into a watercourse will no longer be permitted — the demand for increased resource efficiency and carbon neutral technologies has seen PTA develop its products and technologies to enable retrofitting or replacement of ‘old technologies’ with ease.

One such example is the pioneering Ecoflo Coco Filter, of which more than 100,000 are currently installed around the world. PTA’s high performance, easy to integrate water and wastewater technologies span domestic, commercial and industrial sectors.



Anthracite Grey

Rainwater systems from Marley Plumbing and Drainage in the anthracite grey now perfectly match Pantone colour 7016, allowing specifiers to create a uniform finish and ensure an exact colour match with other external fixtures and fittings, such as doors and window frames.

The shade is available in the Deepflow, Clipmaster, Flowline and Regency profiles, which offer classic and contemporary aesthetics. The chosen systems are suitable for a variety of property types, from residential buildings to large commercial properties, and the company’s rainwater systems also benefit from Life4 rainwater technology which reportedly ensures that the products look better for longer.





Surestop’s newly launched i-watercontrol has been developed to protect property from severe water damage, and is delivered through an app which allows mains water to be turned on and off remotely. Suited to single or multi-occupancy dwellings, the device is said to bring a new degree of adaptability to on and off-site water control and especially for unoccupied properties or occasions when a water leak is detected and the property owner is not at home.

The valve and remote controller is battery operated and integrates into domestic and small commercial plumbing systems. With a stated 30-minute installation time, it is WRAS approved for drinking water supply and is supported by the Honeywell Home leak detector and sensing cord.



Asset International Acquisition

The water infrastructure systems provider, SDS has announced its acquisition of Asset International Ltd, which includes the exclusive rights to manufacture Weholite large diameter plastic pipes in the UK and Ireland. The acquisition includes the takeover of the operation of Asset International’s Newport-based manufacturing facility.

The new business will trade under the names of ‘Weholite Limited’ and ‘Weholite International Limited’. SDS will provide continuity of service to all Weholite customers and takes on immediate responsibility for ensuring the delivery of current and planned projects.



Sanitaryware Supplies Company

Grate Seal

To prevent bad odours and vermin, the Sanitaryware Supplies Company has launched the Gentec Grate Seal. The product is a durable self-fitting seal, made from a single piece of rubber (standard is Neoprene) which can be inserted into any new or existing drain.

Since the seals are made from rubber, they use friction to sit in the drain meaning there is no need for a fixing kit. It can be removed as required without affecting flooring and is available in several sizes: 50mm, 100mm/80mm, Stubby 100mm, Bucket Trap and Bucket Trap Basket.


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