Flamco outlines new product launches

Flamco outlines new product launches

Flamco recently hosted a trade press event at The Shard to outline a number of new product launches and to explain more about the company’s drive towards greater sustainability.

More than five years of development has contributed to Flamco’s newest line of products including the XStream — described as a new approach to air and dirt separation; the Side-Clean, an all-in-one side stream filter, and a new portfolio of expansion vessels — the Flexcon Premium range. The merchant sector is key for all of the newly-launched products, and full point of sale and merchandising support is offered to support stockists.


The Flamco XStream is claimed to see up to 15% less energy consumption by the heating system, whilst new features include automatic venting with less wear and tear to the system and a lower chance of a breakdown. The introduction of an ECO/MAX mode allows the new unit to operate at maximum power to remove dirt and air from the system primarily during system start up, or whilst the system is being commissioned, before turning the system down to ECO to ensure constant activity but with a low resistance and pressure drop, which means the pump has to work less hard in the installation.

The line-up is available in three different models — the XStream Vent air separator, XStream Clean dirt separator or XStream Vent-Clean, which provides both air and dirt separation in one unit. The entire range is equipped with a 360° rotating connection which makes it possible to install in horizontal, vertical or diagonal lines so there’s no need to take into account the flow direction of the installation.

The XStream is supplied with an integral insulation jacket which is designed to ensure heat losses are kept to a minimum. It also comes with an integrated service indicator which shows when the filter was last flushed. With the XStream Vent, the service indicator shows when the system was last vented in the MAX mode. This air and dirt separation system comes with a 15 year warranty, highlighting the company’s confidence in the new unit.



SideFlow Clean

Designed to prevent the build-up of dirt, the SideFlow Clean filter is suitable for installations in the commercial, industrial and utilities sectors, has a maximum working pressure of 16 bar, can accommodate system capacities of up to 120,000 litres and system power outputs of up to 10 megawatts and can also be fitted to existing installations.

The screw-on top lets the installer easily remove both the magnet holder and the bag filter for cleaning or replacement. It is also possible, for example, to mix in glycol or to add cleaning or protection agents. The unit also boasts a five year warranty.

Flexcon Premium

The Flexcon Premium range features a new plastic membrane which is said to make the product much more sustainable, while maintaining a high quality. Offered with a 15-year guarantee, further sustainability considerations include the replacement of polystyrene packaging with cardboard.

Reflecting its commitment to the merchant sector, Flamco joined the BMF earlier this year. Sales Director John Lynch commented at the time: “As we grow and diversify in the UK and Ireland heating and plumbing sector, it makes huge sense for us to become members of relevant trade and industry bodies. We are becoming an established business in the sector now and we sell our products through national and regional builders and plumbers’ merchants and buying groups, most of whom are members of the BMF. We’re looking forward to a long and happy relationship with the BMF in the months and years ahead.”


For more information on Flamco’s new ranges, go to https://flamcogroup.com/uk-en/pageid/landingpage-xstream

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