PHPI Counter Attack — December 2019

PHPI Counter Attack — December 2019

Professional Heating & Plumbing Installer is available from merchant trade counters and commands a circulation of over 60,000 plumbers and heating engineers. Take advantage of PBM’s unique insight into the buying habits of your key customers to make more trade counter sales as we look at some of the ‘Top Products’ of 2019, as featured in PHPI’s December issue and determined by the feedback of trade professionals.

Worcester Bosch

Greenstar Lifestyle

Design has become front-and-centre for many homeowners. To keep up with this trend, and after years of development and direct feedback from hundreds of installers, Worcester Bosch launched the Greenstar 8000 Lifestyle range earlier this year.

The direct replacement of the Greenstar CDi Classic, the 8000 Life keeps all of the tried, tested and much-loved features, while improving on all the key installer touchpoints for easier installation, servicing and maintenance.

Available in combi, system and regular, the collection features outputs between 30 and 50kW and has a 1:10 burner modulation. The Style is the premium option, with intuitive full colour and text boiler control display, as well as options in either black or white.


MagnaClean Professional3 Sense

With connectivity in the home becoming increasingly important, Adey has created what it believes to be the industry’s first Wi-Fi enabled magnetic filter. The company says that its development has been designed to not only provide high performance system protection, but also predict potential system problems, as well as provide connected preventative maintenance. Using Adey’s Sense technology, the filter detects the level of magnetite collected, preventing ongoing system damage by alerting installers, so that problems can be treated before it is too late.

It takes a reading every 12 hours for the first two weeks after installation or servicing, then once every five days, helping to prolong battery life for up to two years. This information is then communicated to the installer through the Adey ProClub App.

Salamander Pumps


Launched earlier this year, EVE is a twin-ended, universal pump featuring a variable bar rating, which can be changed with just the touch of a button. The product has been designed to support installers, and overcome common issues associated with specifying pumps.

It also features a sensor which monitors the system water flow and detects any changes; its brushless motor varies its speed to maintain a constant pressure and ensure no drop in performance, no matter how many outlets in the home are open at any one time. EVE also fits into both positive and negative head situations, without the need for a pressure vessel.


Wall panels

With five ranges in a choice of colours and designs, Fibo’s wall panels claim to be the smart way to transform kitchens and bathrooms. The panels are said to be up to five times quicker to install than tiles, and can be fitted to walls, studs or even existing tiles.

With panels growing in popularity, key features of Fibo’s designs include intricate tounge-and-groove locking systems and narrow 3D channels to replicate grouting, giving the authentic look and feel of tiles. The panels are 2.4m high and available in 600, 900 and 1200mm widths, with profile edges in white PVC or aluminium.

Snickers Workwear

37.5 Technology fleeces

Promising to keep wearers warm, 37.5 technology fleeces from Snickers Workwear offer styles for both professional tradesmen and women. Providing ventilation and moisture transport, the fleeces are designed to keep the trade working comfortably throughout the day. The 37.5 technology fabric in the fleece is a quick-drying material that captures and releases moisture vapour, as well as offering visibility, flexibility, durability and ventilation.

According to well-respected PHPI product testers, it feels much lighter than you expect, but is definitely still warm. The garment has a zip on the front like a jacket, but when done up looks like a hoodie, so you can still wear it even when the temperature warms up a bit. This also means there’s plenty of stretch.



Nu-Heat’s FastDeck is a structural solution offering a completely dry, combined UFH and floor deck product. This whole-house UFH system is said to be easy to install and has none of the drying times associated with standard screed systems, resulting in an installation that can be walked on straight away, boosting access for other trades and meaning floor coverings can be fitted immediately.



Wilo believes the smart pump of the future should offer greater efficiency, connectivity and comfort, while also featuring an intuitive user interface that makes installation and operation easier. The pump is said to have improved energy efficiency thanks to the combination of energy-saving functions (No-Flow Stop, for instance), and new control functions, such as Dynamic Adapt plus and Multi-Flow Adaptation to improve system efficiency.

The pump also features communication interfaces, such as Bluetooth for connection to mobile devices, and direct pump networking for multiple pump control via Wilo Net, in addition to a spacious terminal room for ease of installation.


Velocity Progear

Rogue 5.0 backpack

Launching its range of tool storage solutions back in 2016 with the Raptor tool bag range, Velocity Progear extended its offering this year to include the premium Rogue tool bags range. In addition, off the back of the success of the Rogue 6.0 Tech case XL, Velocity released the Rogue 5.0 Backpack.

The backpack’s front and rear compartments have been designed for vertical tool storage for install-service applications. Rogue 5.0 incorporates high-performance fabrics, magnetic buckle systems, along with YKK interlocking zips. The bags were certainly popular in PHPI’s giveaways section back in the summer!

RSS Tilemaster

Tiling tool

The RSS Tilemaster is said to be the only adjustable guide that also allows you to fix across window heads and other openings. The kit comes with three sets of feet and various lengths to get you around an average bathroom in two repositions.

According to Roger Bisby, it has enough clearance to get over pipes and minor obstructions, and can be adjusted for use along a bath, as well as over kitchen worktops. When it comes to the heads above windows, there is a nifty pair of sliding supports with rubber heads, which can be wound in hard against the reveals.

Bott Smartvan

Van racking solutions

Using its experience of van racking and the kit, parts and tools you need to carry, Bott Smartvan has created its pre-designed van racking packages, specific for plumbers and installers. Designed to take the guesswork out of what will be the most suitable set up for your business, the team offers conversions for a wide range of models.

Once users have selected which van they use, there are both standard and premium solutions on offer with differing price points. Key components include universal power tool holders, removable boxes for stock of small parts and trough shelving with dividers to create the size of space you need. Meanwhile, the premium offerings include in shelf mats and non-slip flooring, to protect products from sliding around in transit.


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