Scratch Coats, Thin Coats, Primers and Base Coats… you can get it all with K Rend!

K Rend is the UK’s largest independent silicone coloured renders manufacturer, reportedly providing the best performing products and solutions to satisfy the most demanding requirements. The company’s products carry the prestigious Kitemark licence, the world’s premier symbol of trust, integrity and quality.

The K Rend silicone range incorporates silicone water repellents as an integral part of the cement based render system. This silicone technology imparts a high degree of water repellency to the render surface whilst allowing water vapour to pass through the render allowing the substrate to breathe. The water repellent surface ensures a freshly rendered appearance for a prolonged period. The finish is drier and thus more resistant to algae growth and the natural phenomenon of lime bloom.

The products come in a variety of textures and colours which are suitable for use on both residential and commercial properties. Depending on product, they can be hand or machine applied, depending on the applicator’s preference. The most popular ranges are detailed below:

Silicone Scraped Texture
K Rend Silicone Scraped Texture Renders form an attractive range of one coat applications plastered directly onto block work. They can be used as a finish in conjunction with K Rend Base Coat. There are 20 standard colours and three products within this range – Silicone K1, Silicone FT and K1 Spray. Special colours are also available from a customisable pallet upon request.

Silicone Thin Coat
Silicone Thin Coat coloured renders and primers are organic resin based wet pastes suited to lightweight systems such as External Wall Insulation – although specs are available to use onto blockwork, which is ideal in more exposed areas. The Silicone Thin Coat range has a very fine textured finish. It is available in four different textures: TC 05, TC 10, TC 15 and TC 30. TC 05 is the smoothest thin coat where the 05 refers to the maximum particle size within the mix of 0.5mm. The range is available in 20 standard colours, with special colours available upon request.

Silicone Dash Receiver
Silicone Dash Receiver is used over K Rend base coats. They are polymer modified through colour and designed to have excellent workability and used as backgrounds for 4-12mm dry dash and roughcast finishes. Silicone Dash Receiver can be used to provide a “pebble dash” textured finish and is achieved by applying the receiver then throwing the aggregate dash onto the surface while the receiver is still wet (or ‘green’).

Silicone Roughcast
Silicone Roughcast provides a “painted pebble dash” textured finish. The finish is achieved by applying the receiver and then throwing the aggregate onto the surface while the receiver is still wet (or ‘green’).

Brick Rend
Brick Rend provides a brick effect textured finish. It is achieved by applying two different coloured coats, wet on wet. The top coat is then cut through to expose the mortar layer. The mortar joints create a brick effect finish. There are a wide range of colours available and the chance to colour match most bricks.

Maintenance and Aftercare
The finished facades are a low maintenance finish, which require the minimum of upkeep. They may, however, require cleaning and maintenance from time to time. This will be dependant on factors such as:

  • Weathering – a condition and process by which various natural agents, such as wind and rainwater, act upon a finished façade. This is a long term, slow process.
  • Spores in the atmosphere, dependent on the local exposure.
  • Smog in urban areas and industrial manufacturing, depending on the local environment.

All of these factors have an influence on the overall appearance of the finished render which has been installed or applied to any finished façade. These appearance changes are nothing to be concerned about, as they are a natural phenomenon. Cleaning the render is generally advised after a few years. This will sharpen the aesthetic look and rejuvenate the finished façade, removing any organic growth, bird droppings and film of weathering found on surface.

Also available is K Pro, which is a water based protective treatment used to provide long term, enhanced water repellent properties to external render and other masonry surfaces. This product helps combat problems associated with water intrusion, enables the substrate to breathe and keeps the substrate clean and dry for longer.

The technical team regularly holds K Rend Product Training Courses at the company’s HQ in Kilwaughter, Northern Ireland. This one-day course consists of a classroom and hands-on technique which details all technical and general information on K Rend and how to apply correctly. This is a great opportunity to meet the K Rend Technical and R&D teams. Booking information can be found on the K Rend website.

K Rend has an experienced team of technical consultants who are dedicated to helping merchants, architects and applicators. The company values a long term partnership approach to build a sustainable and successful business for all customers.

K Rend offers a large variety of products. For more information, visit Alternatively, contact the Technical Sales team on 028 2826 0766 or

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