Roofing, Flooring & Insulation products – June 2019

Roofing, Flooring & Insulation products – June 2019

Brett Martin
Ariel Plastics Coroverge Universal Dry Verge system
Developed, re-engineered and designed to provide a neat mortarless finish at roof verges on new build and retrofit projects alike, the Ariel Plastics Coroverge Universal Dry Verge system from Brett Martin is a 100% mortar-free, dry fix solution.

Manufactured from lightweight, modern plastic materials that are easy-to-install and weather resistant, the Coroverge Universal Dry Verge system protects the roof verge from wind uplift, pest infestation and weather degradation. Available in Brown, Anthracite Grey and Terracotta, this all-weather system includes Starter Piece, Verge Section, Batten Clip, and, Angled and Half-Round Ridge Caps options to suit the ridge style.

Permo extreme RS SK2
Designed for use on low pitched roofs, Permo extreme RS SK2 from Klober is a waterproof, tear-resistant underlay. It is suitable for profile tiles pitched at 12.5° or more, 15° for slates and 22.5° for plain tiles. It is manufactured from a bondable two-layered underlay with a shrink-resistant TPU coating on a PES (polyethersulphone) fleece which allows vapour to escape, while keeping rain water out.

Double self-adhesive edge strips provide a permanent seal and immediate weatherproofing against wind, rain and snow; while the PES fleece also incorporates a capillary stop to control the formation of condensation. Another benefit of Permo extreme is that it dispenses with the need for plywood or OSB support boards and counter battens.

Following increase in demand for cost-effective alternatives to natural slate, Marley has added a fourth colour option to its Edgemere range. The new Anthracite colour choice has been developed to provide a closer aesthetic match to natural slate and can be used to a low minimum pitch of 17.5°, with the Riven providing a surface texture similar to a more natural slate appearance.

The Edgemere range also delivers environmental benefits, with an A+ rating in the BRE’s ‘Green Guide to Specification’ and BES 6001 Responsible Sourcing certification, whilst extra credits are available for the use of Edgemere on projects being built to the Home Quality Mark or BREEAM.

Flooring Catalogue
The 2019 Woodpecker Flooring catalogue features a range of new products, imagery and a refreshed design.

Two new chevron designs have joined the Goodrich collection, with Cashmere and Manor Oak bolstering the choice of patterned looks from the range. Woodpecker’s new distressed herringbone floors also feature, recreating the look of antique timber. The Brecon range has been updated with two new natural shades as well, which are moisture resistant throughout and feature a built-in underlay.

Based on Norbord’s moisture-resistant CaberFloor P5 panel, CaberShieldPlus is designed to withstand exposure to wet conditions and features protection on both sides. The top surface has a permanent non-slip coating that prevents damage to the board and ensures a safe working platform, while the underside is protected with a smooth coating that protects against damage and makes the board easy to slide into position.

For added durability, the coating applied to CaberShieldPlus is not designed to be peeled off after completion, but is bonded permanently on both sides of the panel.The 2,400 by 600mm tongue-and-grooved panels are available in 18 and 22mm thicknesses and are colour-coded for easy identification of the top surface.

Welsh Slate
Cwt Y Bugails

Welsh Slate’s products have been used for a development in Coal Drops Yard in King Cross, which has been refurbished by developer Argent. The new roofs of the ornate cast-iron and brick structures have been slated with 92,000 new versions of the original Welsh Slates — 500 by 250mm Cwt Y Bugails from the manufacturer’s Llan Ffestiniog quarry in North Wales — by Banbury-based specialist sub-contractor Attleys Roofing.

Attleys also used 6,400 500 by 300mm Heather Blues from Welsh Slate’s main Penrhyn quarry for the re-roof of the nearby German Gymnasium — the first purpose-built gym in England — which is now a designer restaurant.

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