Tools, Fixings & Adhesives – February 2020

Tools, Fixings & Adhesives – February 2020

Bosch Professional

FlexiClick 12V with Brushless Motor

Bosch Professional has boosted the power of its popular FlexiClick 12V cordless drill driver system by adding a brushless motor. The resulting GSR 12V-35 FC Professional Drill Driver is said to be faster, stronger, more efficient and longer lasting, as well as maintenance-free.

Top speed has been increased by 35% to 1,750rpm, while maximum torque has been raised to 35Nm for hard screwdriving applications and 20Nm for soft. Increasing maximum drilling diameter in wood to 32mm and maximum screw diameter to 8mm has also expanded the tool’s job range. The tool’s length has also been reduced by 17mm compared to the previous model.


Hodgson Sealants

Hy-Spec Ag

The Hy-Spec Ag from Hodgson Sealants is the latest addition to the range of hybrid sealants, with BioCote silver antimicrobial technology for specific hygienic applications.

This anti-pick, high modulus sealant is designed to provide a permanent elastic seal with high adhesive properties to a wide variety of substrates including wood, concrete, tiles, steel, aluminium, zinc, copper, brass, uPVC, stainless steel, glass and polyester.


Work Gloves

With a range of designs, features and material combinations that make up Snickers Work Gloves, there’s said to be something to suit most trades, from bricklayers and roofers, electricians and plumbers, painters and mechanics, facilities and transportation.

The ‘curved’ designs ensure strong, secure grips while patterns, vents and ribs are combined with durable materials that provide cut protection, knuckle protection, ventilation, as well as water and wind protection. The gloves also allow wearers to use their mobile phone whilst for specialist use where health and safety standards are key requirements, all the work gloves are EN certified for performance and protection.


Mini Plier Sets

Knipex has introduced three mini plier sets in belt tool pouches made of tough polyester fabric, complete with a velcro fastening and belt loop.

The Mini Cobra high tech water pump pliers feature in all three kits and allow adjustment directly on the workpiece at the press of a button; with fine adjustment for optimum adaptation to a range workpiece sizes up to 27mm.

Model 00 20 72 V01 includes a Mini Pliers Wrench, 00 2072 V02 includes the High Leverage Diagonal Cutter and 00 20 72 V06 includes the Needle Nose Combination Pliers.



Said to provide an ultra-fast bond on almost any material indoors or out, Geocel’s theWORKS XXX is described as a fast-acting, ultra-strength product which gives 50% more grab than traditional grab adhesives in any condition without shrinking or staining.

The sealant is suitable for outdoor jobs like guttering, paving, brickwork, roofs or any application which require a fast and reliable bond outside. The company adds that the adhesive is paintable, resists mould growth, will not crack or shrink, and is resistant to impact and vibration. It is available in white in 290ml ‘e’-filled cartridges.

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