Aico launches alarm campaign and Tech Hub

Aico launches alarm campaign and Tech Hub

Aico has announced the launch of its ‘Test it Tuesday’ campaign which will aim to encourage people to test their alarms weekly. 

A short video is at the heart of the campaign which has been shared across social media platforms including LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

Smoke and CO Alarms need very little maintenance and most reportedly now last for around 10 years. The one thing that it is vital, however, is to regularly test alarms to make sure they are working.

Neal Hooper, Managing Director of Aico, commented: “We produce quality Smoke and CO Alarms, but no matter what brand of alarm you have it’s important to test them. ‘Test it Tuesday’ is an easy to remember phrase and the upbeat, concise video really drives the message home: test your alarms every week to ensure all components of the alarm are working.”

Aico has also announced the launch of a new resource on its website: the Tech Hub. The Tech Hub is a blog style resource created with the aim of keeping customers up to do date with the latest news in the Fire & CO industry, including changes or updates to standards, best practice and seasonal topics, as well as new developments at Aico.

Content for the Tech Hub will be written by a range of Aico personnel, providing insight into the different Aico departments, how they operate and the challenges they face on a day to day basis. Furthermore, Aico will also be welcoming customer input, whether it be a topic suggestion or an article provided by a customer.

Neal continued: “At the heart of Aico is the mantra of Quality, Service and Innovation. We provide a range of customer resources, from our Expert Installer training, through to brochures, advice driven videos and apps, including the latest Handybook App for contractors. The Tech Hub is a more informal means of conveying information we believe our customers will benefit from, and further enriches the service we provide.”

Aico’s Tech Hub is now live and can be accessed by visiting

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