Aliaxis goes digital

Aliaxis goes digital

As part of the drive to continually improve its customer service levels, Aliaxis has recently teamed up with BEC (Systems Integration) Ltd, to create a software solution for the modernisation of its warehouse picking, order fulfilment and delivery logistics processes.

The global manufacturer and distributor of advanced plastic piping systems, was previously using a paper-based system for order picking, consolidation and fulfilment, which included manual paper pick lists and dispatch notes and labels both inside and outside of the warehouse at its Lenham site. However, following feedback from its customers and staff, the manufacturer has recently chosen to revolutionise the previous method and instead go digital, subsequently improving the quality, reliability and efficiency of its service to customers.

Working closely with BEC, the specialist provider of automated data capture solutions, Aliaxis has developed a bespoke voice-based and Electronic Point of Delivery (ePod) software solution. Specifically aligned to the supplier’s requirements, the VoicePick technology enables a significantly modernised means of order fulfilment. Rather than using manual paper pick lists, warehouse operatives are able to easily follow instructions received through the voice-recognition wireless headsets and use unique product location identifier codes to accurately pick, consolidate and fulfil orders.

In addition, the ePod element of the solution is comprised of eSmart ePod software, loaded onto mobile computers, and used in-cab for the effective tracking and delivery of orders, including signature capture.

Tom Hamlyn, Logistics Director at Aliaxis said: “Due to a previous lack of automation within our facility, both inside the warehouse, outside in the yard and during delivery, there was the potential for order errors to be experienced. Of course, customer satisfaction is key and so we knew that something needed to be done. That’s why we chose to team up with BEC and create a bespoke IT solution for our individual requirements.

“BEC developed the software in direct partnership with our warehouse operatives, meaning that they were able to find out exactly what was happening ‘out on the floor’ and put tailored solutions in place to eradicate any bottlenecks or other occurring issues. They also enabled the eSmart® Voice software to work in direct conjunction with the eSmart® ePod, meaning that we were able to effectively manage the entire solution from start-to-finish, including the provision of dashboards for easy reporting.”

Since the implementation of the new software, Aliaxis is delighted to have experienced a number of business benefits, including improved customer service levels and optimum delivery accuracy.

Tom further commented: “Thanks to the VoicePick and ePod technology, we have seen significant benefits in terms of delivery quality and customer satisfaction. We have also been able to substantially lower our logistics costs, knowing that the right order is on the right delivery to the right customer, without the need for repeat deliveries – as can often happen with suppliers and distributors of our size.

“What’s more, the dashboards that we now have access to offer improved visibility for customers and also provide management staff with details of the daily warehouse workload and order fulfilment information, enabling us to effectively track and monitor orders and deliveries. The new system has also significantly helped our operatives with their day-to-day tasks, making their job easier, more stream-lined and with improved order-picking accuracy.”


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