Baxi Heating CEO appointed as GCB Chair

Baxi Heating CEO appointed as GCB Chair

David Pinder, CEO of Baxi Heating UK, has been appointed to the Construction Leadership Council (CLC) to lead the Green Construction Board (GCB) workstream.

As the sustainability arm of the CLC, the role of the GCB is to direct the construction supply chain towards becoming more environmentally friendly, productive and better placed to exploit the growing global market.

David has more than 30 years’ experience in the industry and prior to joining Baxi Heating UK in 2012 was Managing Director of Pilkington Glass from 2005. He is a former Vice-Chairman of the Construction Products Association (CPA) and was also a Member of the Construction Industrial Strategy Advisory Council (CISAC), where he contributed towards the development of Construction 2025, the industrial strategy for construction.

David said: “It is a huge honour to be invited to join the CLC and chair the Green Construction Board and look forward to working with my new colleagues to achieve industry progress whilst also driving sustainability.

“Having industry representation on the Board ensures the supply chain and Government are able to work together, creating the opportunity to invest and create strategic solutions rather than simply reacting to market pressures. Also, as part of a global heating organisation, I am familiar with similar challenges and regulatory pressures in other marketplaces and can use this experience to inform the work of the GCB.”

Andrew Wolstenholme, Co-Chair of the CLC, added: “David Pinder brings a different perspective to the CLC through his leadership of a key construction manufacturing business and his wider construction products background. David is ideally placed to lead the Green Construction Board and take forward its next phase of work, maximising the environmental benefits of adopting digital and manufacturing technology in the sector alongside a stronger focus on whole life performance.”

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