Border extends training and customer support

Border extends training and customer support

Border Merchant Systems will be offering extended support to ensure clients are maximising the potential of their investment in its CounterAct software.

Training and information sharing will include monthly webinars to highlight not only new items, but also areas of the system which customers are not using to their full potential.

Topics will range from buying and supplier rebates, to CRM, and BarTender label printing. The webinars will also allow users to watch a demo of the system and then provide feedback or ask questions after the session has finished, with the webinar then being uploaded onto Border’s YouTube channel.

YouTube videos will also be offered as a way of sharing the new releases and as an additional training aid. The videos for new releases will highlight innovative areas within the system and recorded webinars will also be put on the YouTube Channel as well as short online training tutorials.

To support with the addition of the YouTube channel, Border has revised the ‘Help link’ on its graphical interface with the aim of making it more intuitive. The new layout has screen based help, quick reference guides and updates and customers will also be able to search the ‘help link’ for topics or click from areas in the system to be taken to the relevant help page.

Border has also announced it will be changing the way it handles customer calls and email enquiries. It has been testing a Jira Product called ‘Service Desk’ and plans to roll this out later in the year. It is hoped this will improve communication with customers – keeping them better informed of progress for all enquiries.

Nick Thompson, Project Manager at Border, commented: “The benefits of improved communication with our customers, giving them a better understanding of the software, with suitable training and support is proving invaluable for our clients. It ensures they are getting the maximum ROI from their software investment.”

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