Bradfords enhances mental health awareness training for managers

Bradfords enhances mental health awareness training for managers

Bradfords Building Supplies has launched Mental Health Awareness for Managers, an updated workshop programme being deployed across the entire breadth of the business’ branch management, to provide enhanced support for its 830 staff.

The builders’ merchant, reputedly the oldest in the UK, was already an early adopter of mental health awareness training, which included the appointment of mental health first aiders across the business. This new programme is aimed at addressing the evolving needs of its people following the pandemic, which will see over 70 managers attend a series of interactive workshops.

CEO David Young said: “As a family-owned business, people are at the heart of what we do, and we know that many of our employees and customers are likely to be impacted in some way by poor mental health. The world has obviously changed a huge amount over the course of the last 18 months, not to mention how we as a business have evolved, including taking on a host of new industry talent.

“We have a responsibility to ensure our managers, especially at branch level, are as best equipped as they can be in order to look after their people.”

With Bradfords employees having continued essential work throughout the pandemic, the business understands it is more important than ever to stay not just physically safe but mentally healthy.

David continued: “This training is focused on teaching managers about the signs to look out for, and then directing staff members to the wide range of resources available to support them. We don’t treat people here, it’s about getting them into the right support mechanism, whether that’s advice on wellbeing or a more specific need.

“To support this we have an established employee assistance programme, but these sessions also emphasise the importance of the basics – knowing our people, and checking in on a regular basis so we can spot any signs of difficulty for our colleagues early.”

Bradfords also remains committed to its partnership with Mental Health UK, which supports people affected by mental health problems across the UK, bringing together over 40 years of expertise from its four national charity partners to improve understanding and provide vital care. Bradfords states that its relationship with the charity also aims to help change the industry’s perception of mental health and provide people with the confidence to have open conversations about mental wellbeing.

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