Building Supplies Online supports community

Building Supplies Online supports community

Building Supplies Online has committed time and resources to look beyond its operations to support its community, in particular those who are much less fortunate, or find themselves in precarious situations.

In line with its values and ethos, Building Supplies Online says it strives to be a good neighbour and proud supporter of its local community. Earlier in 2018 the company agreed a sponsorship package with Banbury Rugby Club, which also includes sharing its e-commerce expertise to support the club’s digital marketing activity.

Louise Austin, Building Supplies Online’s Head of Marketing, explained: We are keen to be involved in our local community and rugby, as a sport, mirrors the way we aim to operate as a company – teamwork, fair play and healthy competition are key components of our company’s culture.”

The company says it takes an equitable and sustainable approach to its charitable support by spreading its resources across a number of one-off projects, rather than one single charity.

Building Supplies Online also encourages every employee to get involved in volunteering and supporting its charitable initiatives and is responsive to employees’ recommendations for assistance.

Most projects fall within the four counties that the company considers its locality – Oxfordshire, Northamptonshire, Buckinghamshire and Warwickshire – but when it is involved further afield, usually there is a specific company connection.

Following an employee’s nomination, Building Supplies Online teamed up with the British Army Training Unit Kenya (BATUK) and the BATUK Trust in late 2018. It provided donations to help over 80 children being cared for at the Centre for Extremely Deprived Children (CEDC) in Nanyuki, Kenya, as well as the 400 or more children living on the streets of Nanyuki.

Corporal Halsey expressed his thanks on behalf of the soldiers serving at the BATUK: “We are overwhelmed and sincerely grateful for the support from Building Supplies Online. The children and staff at the CEDC orphanage are delighted to receive the donations.”

The causes that are reportedly closest to the company are those that fight disadvantage and marginalisation as well as those that promote equality and teamwork.

Christmas can be a particularly lonely and difficult time for those in need, which prompted the company’s latest activity. Just before Christmas, donations of warm clothing, toiletries and toys were made to:

  • The Hope Centre an anti-poverty charity based in Northampton that works to improve the lives of anyone affected by poverty, especially the homeless. It offers practical services training to improve employability and donations
  • The Eve Women’s and Family Refuge in Northamptonshire help those escaping all forms of domestic abuse and domestic violence
  • The Tibbetts Angels distribute donations from local businesses to a range of Banbury charities who work with those in need, including Banbury Young Homelessness Project, Home Start and The Salvation Army.

As a building materials company, Building Supplies Online is also able to offer help in a number of other ways. Whenever practical, it works with local groups and charities recycling cancelled orders and discontinued lines, to maximise benefit and reduce waste. Paint was given to a local Scouts troop for their premises and, recently, insulation foil was repurposed by a homeless charity to provide insulated windproof and waterproof covers.

Louise concluded: “This is a collective endeavour – we pull together as a team to help projects in the communities that we live in and those further afield that we feel passionate about. Homelessness and those disadvantaged through circumstance beyond their control are key areas we have chosen to be involved in and plan to build on these initiatives throughout 2019.”

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