CBA claims concrete block stocks remain robust

CBA claims concrete block stocks remain robust

British Precast and the Concrete Block Association (CBA) has confirmed that concrete block supplies remain robust and manufacturers are continuing to ramp up production in a safe, responsible way.

As the nation’s housebuilders and contractors return on site, CBA members are ready, and able to meet renewed industry demand.

Phil Cox, Director of British Precast, comments: “CBA members have worked hard to mitigate any potential shortfall in stock and maintain a strong supply chain during the COVID-19 lockdown.

“Many with whom I’ve spoken had already put contingency plans in place, ensuring their yards contained surplus product.

“This was instrumental in meeting renewed demand from the construction industry as the lockdown gradually lifted and workers returned to site.”

He continues, highlighting that some manufacturers safely maintained a small level of production during lockdown: “Where needed and appropriate, manufacturers were also able to produce for the handful of projects and sites which were still operating during lockdown.

“These plants were only able to achieve this by ensuring the highest standards of health and safety for workers. This meant adhering to new site operating guidance and relevant HSE advice on PPE and social distancing.

“Other manufacturers who shut down operations during lockdown have ensured a safe return to site, implementing appropriate health and safety procedures to protect workers.”

He concludes with a word of thanks to members and emphasises the importance of the local supply chain, which has been instrumental in ensuring stock levels remain resilient: “I want to thank CBA members for their foresight and stoicism during over the last three months. Healthy supply levels and a careful return to production is already ensuring both contractors and subcontractors can access stock from their regional supply chains.

“The local nature of the product, from raw material extraction to factory, then site, also ensures shortages won’t occur due to disruption in global supply chains.”

The CBA remains committed to the highest standards of products and services, championing its membership, which comprises over 85% of the UK’s concrete block manufacturers. It remains an authoritative resource for the specification of concrete blocks in construction.

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