Cemex invests in plastic packing lines

Cemex invests in plastic packing lines

CEMEX has confirmed an investment of over £5m into two new plastic packing lines for packed cement at its Rugby Cement Plant.

The company says the development will significantly increase its capacity for producing packed cement and allow the business to provide long term surety of supply to its customers. Indeed, since CEMEX entered the plastic packed cement market in 2011, it has seen demand grow greatly year on year and the investment will enable the company to meet existing and future customer requirements.

Additionally, the company says that the changes will allow it to improve the design of the packed product so it can be better transported and stored.

Craig Williamson, Commercial Director of UK Cement for CEMEX, commented: “We are very pleased to confirm plans to significantly enhance the plastic packing line at our Rugby Cement Plant. Packed cement is an important part of our UK business and this will greatly increase our capacity. This work will ensure we can continue to provide customers with the quality packed cement they need for their construction projects, while also offering further benefits during supply and storage of the product.”

Work will begin at the facility in early 2021 and is expected to be completed by the start of the second half of the year. The development will run alongside the existing operation so there will be no disruption to production.

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