Coram UK enters period of change

Coram UK enters period of change

In line with a group-wide growth strategy launched by its Dutch parent company, Coram UK is implementing changes to its business model.

The European Group ‘One Coram’ strategy will aim to drive significant future growth and will use the guiding principles of ‘Synergy, Differentiation and One Face to the Customer’.

The UK company has also announced proposals to end production of its shower enclosure ranges. New products will be introduced to the UK using the international collaborative design services and outsourced production. This European Group strategy will allow the UK to benefit from strength in innovation and procurement from its parent company; a strategy that has been successfully piloted in 2018 with the launch of the ‘Soho’ range across Europe.

Employees at the Shropshire and Somerset sites have been informed of the plans, in an announcement that confirmed the company has entered a period of consultation.

The portfolio of Impey wetroom systems and healthcare products will continue to be manufactured at the Bridgnorth factory complex in Shropshire and a new head office will be created to consolidate all other business functions at the company’s site in Ilton, Somerset.

UK Managing Director, John Blackburn, said: “Coram Showers remains a strong brand, in which we will continue to invest and nurture. The European collaborative group strategy will drive growth and future developments of our UK business. A robust manufacturing presence will be maintained at Bridgnorth, focusing on the long-term growth of the wetroom sector.

“We have now entered a consultation process with our employees regarding proposed changes and, out of respect for our workforce, further information and comment will be available when the consultation period comes to an end.”

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