Crown Paints announces Spring/ Summer 21 colour trends

Crown Paints announces Spring/ Summer 21 colour trends

As the country hopes to put the worst of the pandemic behind us, many are speculating that there is significant pent-up demand for domestic renovation and refurbishment projects. Decorating will play a key part in this RMI revival and Crown Paints has announced the colour trends it thinks are set to shape interior design choices for Spring/Summer 2021. PBM reports.

Drawing inspiration from a world which has changed dramatically in the last 12 months or so, Crown Paints’ panel of colour experts — which comprises consultants, specialists and designers — has revealed three considered colour trends for 2021 that are designed to uplift, inspire and restore.

The three trends — named as ‘Witty’, ‘Foresight’ and ‘Cocoon’— are said to have a distinct identity, and the panel has highlighted both ‘hero shades’ and complementary colours within each. As pictured, ‘Witty’ is described as “upbeat and quirky” and a “real celebration of colour” that draws on bright and bold primary colours to create a feeling of positivity, chosen to improve happiness and wellbeing and to “cheer up even the darkest of spaces”.

The second colour trend for this season is ‘Foresight’ which, as the name implies is primarily about looking to the future, is inspired by the Arts and Crafts movement of a hundred years ago. “Optimistic and contemporary”, its strong colour palette is said to perfectly suit a functional design with equally strong shapes.

Centred on a desire to create “a place of sanctuary and quiet calm”, the final colour trend — ‘Cocoon’ — uses soft neutral tones and muted shades to sooth and comfort. The palette complements natural materials and fabrics and works best with soft edges and curves.

Kathryn Lloyd, colour specialist at Crown Paints, said: “We always pay close attention to the macro trends, what’s happening in the world around us to inspire our trends for the year ahead. With our 2021 trends we wanted to reference how the world looks and feels without being negative and I think the combination of the joyful ‘Witty’, optimistic ‘Foresight’ and calming comfort of ‘Cocoon’ does just that, while also offering something to suit all tastes.

“The right colour scheme can make a huge difference to any project, so we want to encourage everyone to have the confidence to embrace colour by taking these trends and making them their own.”

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Extreme measures

Crown Trade is highlighting the high-performance formulation of its Clean Extreme Stain Resistant Scrubbable Matt and Acrylic Eggshell. Said to offer “exceptional durability”, it combines the dual benefits of helping to prevent stains from forming on the paint surface and being able to withstand regular cleaning by minimising the amount of paint film that is removed each time.

Produced using water-based paint technology to offer the additional benefits of being low-odour and quick-drying, the Clean Extreme range has been developed and tested to perform in challenging high-traffic environments such as corridors and hallways as well as kitchen and dining rooms, which can be prone to stains from food spills.


For specific problem areas, Crown Trade has also developed its Clean Extreme Anti-Bacterial and Clean Extreme Mould Inhibiting paints, with both available as a high performance scrubbable matt or washable mid-sheen acrylic eggshell finish.

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