Demand for staff surges as showrooms open up

Demand for staff surges as showrooms open up

Demand for showroom staff has surged as merchants and retailers look set to face unprecedented demand following the re-opening of ‘non–essential’ retail in England and Wales on 12 April.

Simon Acres Recruitment has reported seeing the number of enquiries for staff rise by 25% over the last few days, and is actively looking to fill over 100 positions for its customers wanting to make the most of the pent-up demand in the market.

Ben Paine, Head of Recruitment at Simon Acres, said: “We predicted this surge and have already expanded our recruitment team to cope with the increased levels of activity.

“Whilst lockdown has been hard for many, there are those who have been restricted from spending on holidays, going out, cars and other luxuries, that are now looking to improve their home.  There is also demand arising from people working from home, and finding that they want to upgrade their kitchens. They have learnt to live differently and are looking to enhance their experience with more living areas, appliances such as coffee machines, home wine stores, and outdoor kitchens for home entertainment.

“As the leading specialist recruitment agency for the KBB and Merchant industry, we are well placed to respond quickly, and can also continue to provide an unrivalled service coupled with high levels of integrity and professionalism and above all, results.”

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