DueTrade is helping merchants connect to their customers

DueTrade is helping merchants connect to their customers

An app building service may change the way builders’ merchants and B2B businesses in the industry buy, sell and trade by offering a simple, user-friendly app to help them better connect with their customers.      

DueTrade has launched its service following demand from merchants looking for a new, more efficient method of trading. The service makes app customisation easy and accessible to businesses of all sizes and allows merchants to create a fully branded platform where they can trade goods with customers, share promotions, offer 24/7 ordering, and improve brand awareness.

All apps can be tailor-made to include a range of different functions to fit the needs of each business and their customers. Real-time news feeds with the latest industry and market trading information, stock updates, plus a section for offers and promotions can be included. Extra features, such as links to websites, podcasts and online shopping platforms, are also available.

Businesses can also incorporate software to directly trade and engage with customers. For example, fully integrated customer profiles and ‘in-app trading’ functions where they can send bids, save quotes and trade directly. Plus, secure profiles where customers’ can quickly view their order history and trading information, pending orders, favourites and the status of deliveries.

In addition to bespoke functionality, the apps use the branding for each business, with logos and brand colours to ensure each business app looks cutting edge.

Henry Dewing, Founder of DueTrade said: “We have launched this service at a time when the use of apps is dramatically rising every year. In the last seven years alone, the number of apps downloaded in the UK has quadrupled, from five billion to over twenty billion in 2020.

“Everything from hiring staff and dating, to ordering food and booking taxis, is going digital – and the construction industry is no different. You just need to look around and see everyone looking at their smart phones. The average adult spends 3 hours and 25 minutes on their phone every day – 52 minutes of which is spent on social media.

“We have created a service that brings this to the forefront for the construction industry, by allowing businesses the opportunity to put themselves into their customers’ back pockets. A trading app will give customers added value and make it quicker and easier for them to trade, giving the wholesale and trading businesses that invest in this technology a competitive advantage in the marketplace.”

For further information, please visit www.duetrade.co.uk

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