Hamilton considers ‘the feel’ of the brush

Hamilton considers ‘the feel’ of the brush

In recent research conducted by Hamilton, ‘the feel’ of the brush ranked fourth in the top 10 most important factors when choosing a brush. But what is ‘the feel’ and why is it so important to your trade customers?

Put simply, ‘the feel’ refers to the way the brush feels in the hand. This tool is in the user’s hand for eight hours a day – it’s like an extension of their arm. If it feels uncomfortable in anyway, the mind will not be on the job, focus will be lost and it is likely that the finished result will suffer. Not great in an industry where reputation matters.

Even more worryingly, aches and pains can develop leading to more serious conditions like repetitive strain injury (RSI). So, both financially and health-wise, ensuring that your customers’ brush has the feel is incredibly important.

Can you feel it?

Sarah Coussens, Brand Manager – Trade at Hamilton said: “Talking to professional painters and decorators for our research highlighted the ways in which the feel of the brush can impact them and their jobs.

“In fact, one respondent said, ‘The feel is crucial…your brush is an extension of you…and displays your talent…you couldn’t be a good footballer with a burst ball!’” This statement clearly demonstrates how passionately professional decorators feel about the results that they deliver to their customers and how they look at every aspect of their tools to ensure they can achieve the best outcome on their jobs.’

Avoiding injury

The repetitive movements that are part of the painting process can present a hazard, especially when tools don’t ‘fit’ you properly. Repetitive strain injury (RSI) is a real issue for some.

Several areas of the upper body can be affected but pain in the hands and wrists is most likely for professional decorators. Symptoms that start off as a mild ache can quickly develop into more severe pain and swelling requiring medication, physiotherapy and extended periods of rest, all of which may impact their business.

Advice on the NHS website includes ensuring that all aspects of a workplace are as comfortable as possible, and that includes the feel of tools like brushes being right for the user.

Hamilton invests heavily in its research and development, employing not only designers, materials specialists and chemists but also consulting with its professional decorating customers to make sure they deliver the high-quality range of brushes that the company is renowned for.

Sarah added: “Beautiful, well-balanced beavertail wooden handles that sit perfectly in the hand or longer handles that are easy to hold, like a pencil, came top in the research. Customers said that they give great control when cutting in or painting in tricky spaces and are designed to satisfy discerning decorators.”

She concluded, “Working closely with professional decorators gives us real insight into what they want and need in a brush. And whilst describing ‘the feel’ might sometimes be elusive, we like to think that we have captured its essence within our brushes.”

For more information on Hamilton’s entire range of brushes, visit www.hamiltonexpression.com or call 01527 575441.

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