Howarth Timber celebrates graduates success

Howarth Timber celebrates graduates success

Howarth Timber & Building Supplies has awarded the first graduates of its development programme, which provides new skills to Graduate Sales personnel.

The scheme is also extended to External Sales teams and aims to further strengthen the recently restructured National Sales function.

The programme is accredited by the Institute of Sales Management (ISM) as an Essential Foundations of Sales Management programme and allows two individuals from its annual graduate sales intake to showcase their commercial achievements.

The scheme has been introduced as part of Howarth Timber’s ongoing commitment to training & development and is the latest initiative to be taken on board by the business. Its aim is to develop skills in-house, as well as providing additional training and support through mentoring.

The scheme is described as offering a more comprehensive understanding of Howarth Timber on an operational level, allowing graduates to monitor and grow sales organically through a deeper understanding of KPIs.

The 12-month training programme is said to be fast-paced and aims to support individuals in achieving a role in Sales Account Management further down the line. Participants this year were also given hands-on experience of Howarth Timber’s operational structure, working in departments including health & safety, IT, customer service and project management, as well as using resources such as e-learning.

Howarth Timber’s Group Head of HR, Anadi Dey, said: “It was a great day at the graduate development/sales programme, which allowed the two individuals to showcase their amazing commercial achievements. Fantastic tangible sales were delivered, the graduates have gained business skills and they are destined for a great future within the business.

“Congratulations to Josh and Tom, as well as everyone who contributed to the programme’s design and delivery. Collectively you have all made this programme an amazing event.”

Area Manager, Geoff Cosslett, added: “It’s fantastic to see the enthusiasm and motivation of our graduates as they blossom in their new roles, there’s a real hunger to grow professionally, and as a business we take pride in investing in our people. We look forward to seeing how they utilise their new skills in their roles over the years to come.”

Success within the programme was measured by various means, including commercial results and return on investment. At the end of the programme, results were presented to a panel consisting of senior Managers from Howarth Timber, as well as guests including Dave Millichap from the ISM and Tony Hogan from Perfect Vision, which delivers training programmes to businesses.

Participants Joshua Chaplin and Tom Woodcock presented profit and growth margins to the panel which had exceeded original targets and were endorsed by the panel.

Sue Reid, Director of Reed Consultants, led the design and implementation of the programme alongside Managers from the wider Howarth Timber group business.

Commenting on the programme, Sue said: “I was extremely proud to design and deliver the programmes that resulted in tangible commercial performance that clearly produced results beyond all expectations.

“Sales truly is a profession in its own right and I will watch with interest how Joshua and Thomas’ careers develop.”

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