IBC announces partnership with Stockgap

IBC announces partnership with Stockgap

Members of IBC Buying Group will soon be able to order multiple products from several key suppliers in a single order due to a new partnership with Stockgap, a specialist building materials distributor.

Many independent merchants lose time every month placing multiple product orders with different suppliers to keep on top of their stock procurement. This often means having to juggle dozens of separate orders, often for small quantities of goods, with the additional administrative burden this can place on the business.

IBC members will now be able to place ‘pick ‘n’ mix’ telephone orders directly with Stockgap, combining products from many different suppliers. This will aim to save them hours of time and inconvenience as well as reducing the burden on their staff.

Stockgap distributes a range of products from suppliers including Keystone Lintels, IG Steel Lintels, Keylite, Supreme, Simpson Strongtie, Kestrel, Catnic bead, mesh & lintels, Brett Martin, and Clark-Drain, all with free delivery to merchants’ yards.

IBC states that Stockgap’s longstanding merchant-only policy and distribution service makes it the perfect partner for the Group. There are also no minimum order values for merchants, and the products can be delivered direct to site if desired.

IBC’s Commercial Director, Dave Robertson, said: “We are delighted to be able to bring this latest innovation to our members – the first of its kind from an independent merchant buying group. The time-saving benefits of this partnership with Stockgap will make a real difference to our members, all of whom are independent builders’ merchants who often operate with small administrative teams.

“The IBC Buying Group exists to work in partnership with our members to add strength and value across all areas of their business. Our strength lies in the business support we can give them, and the partnerships we can help create between our members and suppliers.”

The partnership with Dartford-based Stockgap is first being introduced across the south east of England. The delivery area will stretch from the south and east coast, up as far north as Norfolk and Cambridgeshire, and across to Oxfordshire, Berkshire and Hampshire to the west. There are also plans to roll the offer out to other geographical areas in due course.

Stockgap’s Managing Director, Mark Reid, added: “We have worked closely with independent merchants in the South East for over 35 years. The new distribution partnership between IBC and Stockgap will ensure that IBC members get a fast, reliable and free delivery service, competitive prices and access to top quality brands from a merchant only supplier.”

This partnership is the latest from IBC Buying Group, which earlier this year launched a brand new online Members’ Portal to give its merchants the latest supplier deals in a user-friendly manner, with more developments said to be in the pipeline.

Strategy and Finance Director, Kishor Harsiani, concluded: “We have built the foundations of IBC on partnership, strength and value. I believe the Stockgap and IBC alliance is a great example of our strategy being executed and a representation of our core values.”

For more information on IBC, visit www.ibcbuyinggroup.com.

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