James Hargreaves adds Fibo panels to all showrooms

James Hargreaves adds Fibo panels to all showrooms

James Hargreaves has announced its plans to put Fibo’s bathroom wall panels into all of its 23 showrooms due to demand generated from installing them in seven showrooms.

The independent plumbers’ merchant started selling Fibo products last November.

Bill Davies, Sales Director of James Hargreaves, explained: “Retro-fitting the established showrooms will take time but we’ve had such a good response from customers we think it’s worth it.

“We sell two other panel ranges but it’s Fibo’s premium Mercato range which has created the most demand. There’s a wide choice of colours and finishes and it has a unique ‘grouting’ line that makes the panels look and feel like tiles – in fact the tile effect is very striking. Unlike tiles, however, the panels are quick and easy to install and much more hygienic as there’s no actual grout to collect dirt and mould. They’re more cost-effective too, with savings on labour as you don’t need specialist tilers to fit them.”

Bill added: “It is suppliers like Fibo that have helped us grow. Fibo is very proactive and generous with its support; the displays, POS material, swatches and sample panels are good quality and supplied free of charge, and they’ve given us contract work and directed installers to us.”

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