Jim McCay talks Covid-19 recovery plans with Simon Acres

Jim McCay talks Covid-19 recovery plans with Simon Acres

Jim McCay of The Kitchen Depot shared his thoughts about the post Covid-19 recovery with Simon Acres on the latest Industry Legend podcast.

The Kitchen Depot is a two generational family business that has thirteen showrooms in Scotland, the Midlands, Oxford, St Albans and Hemel Hempstead.

Jim shared the measures that his business has put in place to reassure customers that they are looking after their welfare, as they welcome them back into the showroom.

“We are lucky to have very spacious showrooms so that we can provide safe social distancing, with well-marked routes to move around and view displays,” says Jim.  “We also invested in large screens so that our presentations can be easily viewed from a distance.

“Covid-19 has brought new challenges for us as a business but there is pent-up demand, especially as many have found themselves with unexpected disposable income.  Families that will not be taking a holiday abroad for example, are looking to spend the money saved on investing in their home.

“However, we know that more testing times are to come.  With the government furlough scheme coming to an end and the prospect of redundancies, customers may become more reluctant to make major purchases towards the end of the year.

“We will continue to focus on the customer, building trust and offering a quality product.  We are proud that much of our new business comes from recommendations, although we also invest in marketing, advertising and social media.  Our campaigns are developed by testing different activities and tools and adjusting as we see which ones bring in the best results.  We believe that this strategy will serve us well in the months ahead.”

The full Jim McCay podcast can be heard here.

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