John Guest outlines the evolution of push-fit technology

John Guest outlines the evolution of push-fit technology

Since its introduction by RWC’s John Guest brand in 1974, push-fit technology has continually evolved, making installers’ lives easier for decades. Bart Maris, VP of Sales and Marketing EMEA at RWC, explores how push-fit technology offers significant benefits in a far wider range of applications and why there is increasing adoption within the industry.

The advantages of plastic push-fit pipes and fittings are well known throughout the plumbing industry. They are versatile, durable, and easy to transport and install. Compared to compression fittings, soldering, and press-fit, push-fit requires no tools to install or demount, offering up to 40% decreased installation time while also reducing health and safety risks.

Beyond the benefits to installers, push-fit technology stands to benefit the industry as a whole. With construction and renovation projects on the increase, redoubled government focus on investment in housing and infrastructure, and a shortage of skilled labour, efficiency is key. Using technology that offers speed and reliability, push-fit allows construction projects to proceed apace while maintaining the highest BSI and WRAS standards and delivering leak-tight connections.

With 60 years of innovation behind the John Guest brand, plus experienced teams dedicated to research and New Product Development, original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) can harness the expertise of our team to create tailor-made solutions.

Since its introduction by RWC’s John Guest brand in 1974, push-fit technology has continually evolved, making installers’ lives easier for decades.The capability to engineer truly bespoke solutions has led to unique uses for push-fit technology all over the world, including applications as diverse as tractors and agricultural machinery in Africa, algae feeding systems in New Zealand, and inhalation therapy in Portugal. Our new product development and R&D teams in the UK and around the world work collaboratively with customers to find a solution that meets their needs. The result is application-specific versions of push-fit components that are designed with quality and meet industry-specific regulations.

With industry collaboration, future push-fit integration would be relatively easy to achieve – from dishwashers and washing machines arriving with integrated push-fit technology, to pre-fabricated houses with simple, fast and efficient push-fit technology that cuts installation time significantly.

Making the leap

Naturally, one of the biggest barriers to adoption in any industry is resistance to change. While the evolution of the industry from traditional to modern methods continues rapidly, push-fit technology is constantly proving itself versus traditional methods. This success is down to a robust and rigorous process of manufacturing and quality control, as well as relentlessly working with customers to test, improve and innovate to meet changing needs.

Resting on decades of engineering legacy, while also having access to RWC’s wider R&D capabilities, the John Guest brand is on the steady course of coming up with what’s next in the world of push-fit by applying innovative ways of 3D-print prototyping and testing before new solutions are released to the market. The future will continue this focus and see the introduction of more products that help industries to streamline, innovate and achieve process and production efficiencies.

Click here for more information about the benefits of push-fit technology, as well as the marking of John Guest’s anniversary, celebrating ’60 Years of Trust’.

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60 years of trust

John Guest — ‘the original push-fit inventors’ — is celebrating 60 years since the brand’s inception. Established in 1961 and named after its founder, the company developed the world’s first push-fit technology designed initially for compressed air in 1974.

Under the iconic John Guest and JG Speedfit brands, the core technology has become a staple of the plumbing and heating trade, whilst the “exposure to application specific challenges” across multiple sectors has led to a “diverse bank of engineering expertise where innovation and learnings from one industry get applied in another”.

Bart Maris, VP Sales & Marketing for RWC EMEA, said: “Push-fit technology has come a long way since we first invented it, and we are constantly striving for improvement. Now, as part of the RWC family of brands, we are integrating the John Guest technology, knowledge and experience into our wider RWC product portfolio. For example, just last year we launched a set of Reliance Valves with JG Speedfit connections to help make plumbing and heating installations faster, simpler and easier. We also launched a new range of SharkBite Air push-fit fittings and pipe to complement our John Guest compressed air range.

“For the customers, and installers who are using our technology and products every day, our history and ongoing research and development mean you get the highest quality products that are fast to install, reliable and safe for the future.”

He added: “As John Guest’s heritage continues to inspire the next generation of push-fit solutions, we are looking forward to the next 60 years, further improving performance and efficiency within plumbing and heating, as well as the many industries where our technologies find their application.”

Since its introduction by RWC’s John Guest brand in 1974, push-fit technology has continually evolved, making installers’ lives easier for decades. 

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