Supplier Profile: Jouplast / Plastic Mouldings Northern

Supplier Profile: Jouplast / Plastic Mouldings Northern

In our December edition, PBM found out more about the growing ambitions of a company which is looking to raise the profile of all types of decking in more ways than one…

Q: We have to confess that the Jouplast brand is new to us, and we suspect the vast majority of PBM readers. However, we understand that the company, through its UK distributor Plastic Mouldings Northern, now has its sights set firmly on becoming a significant player in the UK landscaping market during 2022 and beyond. What more can you tell us?

A: Since 1986, Jouplast has been recognised as the leading name in France for adjustable decking and paving pedestals. Its success is credited to a combination of great technical expertise, creative design, and a desire to manufacture products which meet the needs of the market. The decking and paving pedestals allow the user to raise and lower the head by simply rotating the green (decking) nut or the (blue/grey) nut for the paving and by doing so, perfect levels can be set on timber joists or on 20mm thick ceramic slabs.

TMP Convert, who produce the components, are based in south east France within the ‘Plastic Valley’ industrial region and have long been experts in the design and manufacture of landscaping products. Starting with the simple pedestal, the range has grown into an impressive offering of innovative solutions for outdoor construction projects — all designed to make the job easier for professional installers.

Q: As in France we would imagine, the decking market here in the UK is constantly evolving. How is the company keeping pace with these new trends and materials, and how adaptable to this new market is the product portfolio?

A: The range has expanded considerably in recent years to cover a wide variety of paving projects, as well as wooden and composite decking. Our R&D team is continually developing new products to solve practical on-site issues, from levelling without the need for groundworks, rot-proof structures, and even simpler methods of height adjustment.

These are the same problems facing the landscaper the world over.

We also focus on developing products that are as easy as possible to install, including urban garden design, small garden spaces and combinations of different elements and materials.

Q: For those landscapers who have typically employed more traditional methods of providing a base for the decking, can you explain how the pedestal concept works in principle?

A: One of the biggest recent trends in landscaping options is the emergence of 20mm ceramic tiles. We have responded to the popularity of increasingly large tile formats — and tiles that mimic wood planking — with a comprehensive choice of paving pedestals that simplify installation.

These include adjustable pedestals, both fixed head and self-levelling versions, perimeter support plates, right down to the lateral support clip to cover edges of the terrace — all for a professional result.

The over-riding motivation behind all of our pedestals is to allow the contractor to achieve precisely the look the customer desires without the need for invasive major groundworks and large-scale machinery. This is particularly useful in tightly packed urban environments where space and access may be restricted.

Q: There’s much more to the range than just pedestals, right?

A: Absolutely. Our 2.4m Heavy Duty Lawn Edging strip can be used to clearly separate distinct areas of landscaping (lawns, gravel, sand, paving, concrete paths, etc.), provide firm and stable edge support for exposed aggregate, concrete and cold lay asphalt, and create distinct landscaped spaces, such as paths, flowerbeds, and terraces.

For ground stabilisation, there is a range of honeycomb stabilisation gravel mats for landscaping pedestrian areas, traffic routes and parking areas in public and private spaces. With gravel stabilisation mats you can create all-gravel surfaces that are perfectly level and stable, easy to walk on and wheelchair friendly.

We are committed to developing products that are as easy as possible to install so that you can achieve a perfect result quickly and easily.

Q: We have seen a lot of attractive decking projects which have been somewhat spoilt by unsightly fixings. How have you addressed this issue?

A: The solution is a totally invisible fixing system that allows timber boards to be fixed to the joists with no visible screw heads. It’s a little more time consuming, but the end results are well worth the extra effort.

It is part of our mission to constantly develop new accessories to optimise the work involved in building all types of patios and decked areas.

Q: Environmental issues are obviously high on the agenda these days. How are you helping your customers to meet those commitments in what can be potentially major changes to the landscape?

A: As a business, we fully understand the importance of protecting nature against the damage that can be caused by impermeable surfacing materials like concrete and tarmac, and are proud to offer products that can be driven on to make access roads and parking spaces more natural and kinder to the environment.

Whether in landscaped, urban, private, or public settings, it is possible to consolidate the ground used for this type of access without the need to use polluting materials. As part of our contribution to creating a healthier environment for future generations, we use only 100% recycled materials in the design and manufacture of our products.

Q: That all sounds very encouraging. How soon will UK landscapers be able to access the full Jouplast range?

A: The range is available right now from Plastic Mouldings Northern which holds over a quarter of a million units in its UK warehouses, enabling prompt delivery. In addition, some of the best-selling products are already stocked by a well-known UK-wide merchant.

The clear ambition within the business is to make Jouplast the ‘go to’ brand for all types of decking solutions here in the UK as it is in France.

Click here for further information on the Jouplast range of products and support services for merchants via Plastic Mouldings Northern.

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