LA-CO Flux launches overfill promotion

LA-CO Flux launches overfill promotion

LA-CO Flux will be running an overfill promotion throughout the autumn, with 15% extra free in promotional pots of the soldering paste brand.

The overfill promotion will aim to offer merchants the chance to increase average Flux order value before the end of the year.

LA-CO Flux is suitable for potable water and gas installations and the Regular Flux is non-acid, non-toxic and lead free, making it safe to use on all applications as well as being UK-WRAS approved.

Running from 1 October to 30 November, merchants will be supplied with Overfill stock whenever regular orders are placed, meaning no extra administrative work is required. The promotional packaging will also be flashed yellow to ensure it doesn’t go unnoticed.

For more details of the LA-CO Flux Overfill promotion contact Hyde on 0121 705 7987 or visit

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