Marketing Support: Taking a stand with Tembe

Marketing Support: Taking a stand with Tembe

The issue of plastic waste is high on the agenda and the problem is said to be especially acute in construction, accounting for 25% of the sector’s total waste and with as many as 150 million used plastic sealant & adhesive cartridges sent to landfill each year. Continuing its drive towards more eco-friendly aluminium foil ‘sausage’ packaging, Tembé DIY & Building Products is now embarking on a huge marketing campaign and rolling out additional in-store support to reinforce the need for change. PBM reports.

Under its Hippo brand of sealants and adhesives, Tembé DIY & Building Products has declared a “war on waste” in the construction sector, and is showcasing the products in its more sustainably-packaged ‘Eco-Pac’ range in what has been described as the company’s biggest ever marketing campaign.

Set to encompass national TV and radio advertising, perimeter branding during Premier League and Championship football matches, social media, trade press coverage and striking new point of sale stands, the campaign is the next step in its ongoing mission to replace single use plastic cartridges with the more environmentally-friendly aluminium foil alternative.

The foil project first began in late 2018 / early 2019, and the aluminium foil sausages are said to contain less than 1% plastic and create 96% less waste than the plastic cartridges they replace. Indeed, the company has “invested heavily” to back a format it describes as being better both “environmentally and economically” to move users away from single use plastics and “change the market forever”.

It now offers a range of 14 foils for all jobs within the adhesive, filler and sealant categories across the performance levels of “good, better and best” through products such as its high-performance, multi-purpose premium hybrid sealant and adhesive, Hippo Pro3. The foils themselves offer 400ml for the same price as a 290ml cartridge and can even be removed from the gun and reused again in the future. And once removed, it is clearly visible how much sealant remains in the foil, unlike the ‘traditional’ cartridge and plunger system.

Its high-profile multi-channel advertising campaign is now underway, and the company is urging merchants to “order their stock now and get ready for the surge in demand”. Supporting the cross platform promotion, the company has also produced new-look display stands to highlight the “war on construction waste” messaging in-branch whilst also making clear that the foils contain the “same great products with a more eco-friendly solution”.

All of the products in the range are supplied in cardboard cut cases for easy shelf display or in the freestanding units, whilst Tembé is also running a special promotional offer through stockists to give their customers a free aluminium barrelled gun for the foils when they spend £20 or more on Hippo Eco-Pacs.

For more information on Tembé’s range of sealants, adhesives and fillers in sustainable Eco-Pac aluminium foil packaging, go to to view the 2021 product catalogue.

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